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  Some customers have requested additional hose carriages, so I'm offering them directly here in a new product to save time. As the heavier (longer) sticks require a little longer carriage, ...PLEASE be sure to note the "Small" Hose Size is for the really short Door Knocker Sticks. (either key ring or neck carry versions)


   The "Long" Hose size is just 1/8" longer, but the extra length will hold the regular length sticks better from 4-1/4 inch through 6-1/8" lengths.


The "Short Cords" allow the stick to be carried higher up, and under a shirt the stick can be retrieved between button holes or by reaching UP under a pulled out shirt.  On a man the shorter cord allows the 5" or shorter Palm Cap Sticks to rest in the small cleavage most men have, and virtually invisible onder a button down shirt. (Retrievable through a button hole) 


   The Long cord allows USE of the shorter door knocker sticks without having to pull if off the carriage.  Useful for Delivery Professionals, Process Servers, etc. to just get close to the door and knock, as the longer cord allows for this. Saves your knuckles and is best used outside the shirt this way, and is readilly available to separate to defend yourself if needed.

Extra Hose Carriages Available

Key Ring Carriage
Neck Carry Hose Carriage Short Cord
Neck Carry Hose Carriage Long Cord
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