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Titanium Yawara Stick in .375" Dia. Rod
Titanium Self Defense Stick by Ti Rod Tactical
Titanium Yawara Stick with "Fist Lock" by Ti Rod Tactical
Ti Rod Tactical™ "Fist Lock™"  outer fingers center stick & LOCK it within a closed fist
Titanium Yawara Stick with "Fist Lock" by Ti Rod Tactical


 Ti Rod Tactical 

Why we do what we do


...and where helping to keep my customers a little bit safer for the "long term" is not a bad Business Model :-) 

Titanium Yawara Stick with "Fist Lock" by Ti Rod Tactical
Titanium Key Ring Self Defense Stick by Ti Rod Tactical


    It is an unfortunate reality of modern life that individuals are often assaulted, and therefore choose to carry defensive weapons which can help them counteract the actions of an attacker.


   The world is not what it once was, and so there is a real need to have something with you daily that can be easily and discreetly carried,.....and that can greatly increase your defensive response should the need arise.  Even if a you regularly carry a firearm or knife, there are times when that will not be possible in any number of restricted areas.


   Also, in some instances choosing to deploy a "non lethal" device could keep you out of the legal system for a perceived "inappropriate" escalation of force, were a firearm or knife used instead.  In today's litigious society,....this is not an unreasonable concern.


   It is to this end that I have designed and manufacture ( in the USA) a variety of Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium Yawara and Kubotan "style" defensive palm sticks, and Grade 5 Titanium Tactical Walking Sticks.  I regularly carry several in fact, as a precaution should one be lost in an attack, or I am grabbed in any way restricting access to my main stick.  And of course, do have TWO hands to fill in order to double your efficiency, should you be unfortunate in facing multiple attackers!


   My Yawara sticks are super tough and more compact than most, (having traits of both Yawara and Kubotan sticks), so you're much more likely to have it (or them :-) on you if ever needed. Frankly, some currently available Yawara Sticks in the marketplace are absolutely MONSTROUS in size and impossible to carry discretely!  


  A self defense stick left at home most times because it is too cumbersome to carry everyday will do you NO good should there come a time you really NEED it!  Think of it like " Life Insurance",...where you hope you never need to make use of it,.... but glad it's there for your family IF you do.


  My Titanium sticks also incorporate innovative grip, carriage, and "one motion" release designs on the models using a separate carriage system.  A US Utility Patent was filed initially on my Yawara sticks and the various carriage designs, (and at significant $14K+ cost), you know how serious I believe the need to be.


   Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium (Tempered 6AL-4V Alloy) is a much stronger and harder material than wooden, aluminum, or polymer made sticks, ...and won't rust either as Titanium is inert to the elements. Minor scratches are easily removed with a simple Scotch-Brite pad that most already have available in the kitchen.  A truly affordable and practical modern tool for use in the discipline of "Yawarajutsu" for self defense.


                                      AN OVERVIEW AND SOME NOTEWORTHY FEATURES


   For some, the traditional double ended straight Yawara stick shape might be the most practical, and is simply carried in any available pocket.  However, I think you will find my designs a bit more "discreet" than any other stick if carried in this way. Every element of the designs are incorporated in order to make them the absolute most compact in size without giving up anything in effectiveness or gripping ability. Having a narrow (low) profile, and just 4-1/4", 4-1/2", 4-5/8", 5", 5-1/2", 6", 6-1/8", or 6-1/2" in length (depending on stick style and what's best suited to your hand size and personal preference),.... the sticks rest rather well and go unnoticed in most any pocket!


  Once deployed, my double sided Yawara and Kubowara style sticks feature the innovative raised central reinforced rubber grip nestles nicely into the small "pocket" created where the fingers meet the hand when it is cupped!  The use of this grip design ALSO "Mechanically Locks" the stick laterally between the First and Pinky Fingers within a closed fist, with the Middle and Ring Fingers contributing substantial additional gripping forces.  


  I have chosen the name "Fist-Lock™" to describe these very worthwhile and effective attributes! Customer feedback from Individuals, Martial Arts Instructors, Law Enforcement, and even some Military Personal have all been impressed with the SOLID Grip and quality construction!  


  My "ONE YEAR Money Back Guarantee if Not Delighted!" makes these a NO Brainer for you to TRY, and a winner for me. Over 6,500+ short hand sticks have sold so far, as well as about 650 Walking Sticks and Staffs in my first seven years+ of making them, ....and I've yet to have ANY returned for not being satisfied under my generous guarantee!  (In the interest of fair disclosure,  I did refund ONE customer from New Zealand, because the "Re-Shipper" he used and that I initially shipped to in Washington State, USA would not re-ship the Yawara Stick into New Zealand. Yawara Sticks are prohibited there, as well as in Australia and even Great Britain as I understand. The customer was really bummed out for not being able to receive it!) 


MANY of my customers come back over and over again for additional purchases for themselves, friends, and family members. There is a reason!

   Impossible to describe in written word is just how comfortable this grip also feels within the hand, and when used in various striking positions. It truly is a very comfortable  "ergonomic" design that will surely be noticed when handled.


   My shortest "door knocker" and "key ring" models will provide a very useful secondary self defense response for a very large group of home delivery individuals whose day to day business can take them into tough neighborhoods and households where they can be attacked and/or robbed without provocation.


   They are ALSO a perfectly reasonable choice for most anyone wishing to have "something" with them daily that is not a burden to carry or a device with a threatening shape, yet can greatly increase their ability to defend themselves.  My Patent Attorney advised me he had taken at least SEVEN flights over the first few months of owning this short defensive stick, with the key ring carriage components and attached to his carry on bag.  


  Airport Security didn't give it a second glance! That may change over time once this product gets better known,....but it will ALWAYS remain a very discrete and benign "looking" design that is nonthreatening by it's very size and shape! 


  Additionally, these sticks can be used as an effective medicinal "Pill Crusher",  to allow your stronger medications to be crushed into a powder and mixed with a liquid for less stomach upset (or quicker absorption for a headache that won't quit!), so there is every reason to be carrying them.


   The short key ring sticks, well as my longer pocket carry 5", 4-1/2, and 4-1/4" Palm Cap Sticks,... also work quite well as a "Door Knocker"! (another legitimate reason to have one one you)


  Home delivery professionals, such as USPS Postal Workers, UPS Drivers, FedEx Drivers, even Pizza Delivery "Professionals" :-), etc., ...have to approach many households every day never really knowing what awaits them,....and this is when there is usually "good news" (a package or food) being delivered.


   In many of these jobs, carrying a knife or handgun for self defense is impossible, and against company policy!


   Sometimes the worker is not welcome at all, such as when a process server has to pass along problematic legal papers, or a landlord has to inform the tenant he is being evicted, etc., and an irate "customer" has been known to become violent!


   So,....there is certainly a need for something like this that has a useful purpose ("door knocker")  for those types of jobs, yet can be carried discretely and deployed very quickly in a "secondary" defensive role, should the worker suffer an unprovoked attack.


   Carried daily as a benign looking practical tool, there is every reason to be carrying this in their day to day activities while on the job. Sometimes the homeowner or tenant is playing loud music, watching TV at high volume, is on the phone, dealing with rowdy youngsters, or is distracted in any number of other ways and will not respond to the usual "knuckle" rap on the door. (and not every doorbell works,...mine included, or is loud enough to overcome the distraction). 


   My door knocker models can provide a much amplified "rap" on the door with the Titanium tip exposed, or a slightly less sharp knock using the rubber capped end that is still louder than the bare knuckle. (and pain free!)


   Over the course of days, weeks, and years,....I suspect there can even be health related issues to the worker from repeated use of their bare knuckles to alert the customer of their presence.


   So,...wearing this item during their work day any of those delivery personal will not only save their knuckles from unnecessary "wear and tear" (and possibly increase their productivity by obtaining a customer's response sooner than might otherwise occur),...but will also feel a little safer doing their job knowing they can better defend themselves should a surprise attack be forthcoming.


   As shown in the photos of the door knocker version, the stick is carried around the neck and connected to a reinforced rubber hose carriage component. Worn this way and making use of a longer cord, the stick can hang at about waist level in a "benign" state that is nonthreatening to anyone.


   Throughout the worker's delivery rounds, making use of the rubber tipped end to alert the household of your presence would be sufficient most times. (and much easier on the knuckles). The stick would seldom need to be removed from it's carriage to make use of the even louder bare tip end,...and most days would begin and end like this. However, on those rare occasions where the delivery worker suffers an unprovoked attack while performing their duties, there is NOW a self defense tool at your immediate disposal!


   It's "primary" role is that of a "door knocker", since it is used almost exclusively in that role throughout every day as the worker performs his/her duties. BUT, all it takes is a firm tug on the stick and it will separate in one motion from it's carriage,...allowing for use of the stick in it's "secondary" defensive role.


   My Key Ring Door Knocker version can be used so that if ever needed for self defense,  the stick will be positioned with the bare Titanium tip exiting between the middle and ring fingers, and the rubber "palm swell" can quickly become fully enclosed within the user's fist ready to repel an attack. No special training is required to "remember" how to initiate a defensive action, as "jabbing" or punching is a natural human response that can't be forgotten.


  The difference with using such a tool compared to your empty fist is that the force of any strike is concentrated into a much smaller surface area (and IS a much harder material ), ....greatly increasing your punching effectiveness! Even fairly light punches and jabs translate into very painful "hits" when contact is made with prime "bony" targets near the surface of the skin. 


   This stick can ALSO be used in one of the most "passive" self-defense techniques possible, and one in which any reasonable Court should not find YOU culpable as an aggressor for simply "block defending" against a punching attack..


....... I call it the Ti Rod Tactical™ "Fist Bump" Technique! :-)


   By positioning the short key ring stick (and even my longer sticks) as illustrated in the photos for those products, and in your weak hand (i.e. your LEFT hand that traditionally would be used for "jabbing" if you were a right handed individual taking a boxer's stance), simply "intercept" any incoming punch BY the aggressor! This is likely all you may need to end the fight in short order!


   A single "interception" of an attacker's fist with the Titanium Tip, (especially at the bony knuckle area), will likely crack a bone in their fist! ("self-inflicted" as it were)  It is SO painful that broken bones or NOT,.... the attacker's fists should STOP coming in at you!


   This takes so little physical effort on the defender's part that even if you're not in the best of shape,...or older, can do this technique for as long as it takes (and as long as you are conscious. of course),... to make a solid "Interception" with the attacker's fist, ......AKA the "Fist Bump"!


   Blocking & parrying incoming punches can also be effective, even if you can't connect at the intended target site of the knuckles. A connection to most anywhere on the hand or wrist, where tender bones are very close to the surface, is likely to result in a pronounced reduction of aggression against you.


   The TOPS of the hands are PRIME Targets also,... are a good size target to better your chances to connect, ...and aren't as thick or tough as the knuckles either so will likely crack when "Intercepted" or struck from the top.


   BTW, my Titanium Yawara and Palm Cap Sticks work well for this technique ALSO,...the only difference is the stick tip should exit the base (heal) of the hand to be in the preferred tip forward position (toward the attacker), to effect a similarly effective " Heal / Fist Bump" Intercept.


   Any "witnesses" to such an encounter are likely to notice you were not "throwing" any punches yourself,....simply "blocking" ones thrown your way! It certainly shouldn't HURT your case having such witnesses available "if" you're forced into Court later....."


  Any of my Titanium self defense sticks share the same target areas, namely anywhere that bone is close to the surface of the skin, creating extreme pain whenever contact is made. So arms, wrists, top of hands & knuckles, top of shoulder blades, ribs, solar plexus, head, knees, elbows, instep or ankle ("if" brought to the ground and having access to these targets) are all effective targets. In a violent life and death struggle even the eyes, temple, throat, and spine can be targeted. The groin area is also an effective "soft" target.......for reasons well known.


   Sometimes actual "strikes" may not even be needed, as a lot of pain can be administered from simply "digging" your stick into a target area to discourage a less aggressive attack. Often a controlled response using this digging action, and using your other hand behind the targeted area,..., can bring an attacker to the ground quickly without any real injury occurring.  Our intent is to stop the attack and allow safe withdrawal, not "win the fight",......a philosophy that will serve you well to avoid an unnecessary trip through the  legal system. 


   Often not considered is the protection that use of a Yawara style defensive stick will offer to your own hands, in the event you need to defend yourself. Broken fingers and knuckles, as well as heavy bruising and deep cuts to the hand are common. Your fist making repeated contact with heavy bones and "teeth" on your attacker will NOT be kind to your hands!  Use of my defensive sticks will do much to protect your own hands........and somewhat "loads" your closed fist to help support and protect your fingers should you need to use traditional punching using your knuckles.


  Simply striking "at" the fists of the attacker as punches are thrown your way can cause extreme pain to the aggressor, and broken top of hand bones or knuckles will surely discourage any further efforts against you.  Sometimes actual "strikes" are not even needed, as when an obnoxious drunk grabs you for whatever reason. Simply "pressing" the tip into the top of the hand, or lightly "pushing" against the side of the throat with one hand while using your other hand behind the head will allow the to get control of the situation by bringing the person to the ground without real harm done.  One of the Yawara Stick training videos I've linked shows some non-striking techniques to gain control if ever subjected to a "Lapel Grab", that they call the "Kuba Klaw". Simple,...but effective!


  Also,....working with a qualified instructor or training partner is always beneficial to improve your skills. There are many worthwhile Youtube videos on training and techniques using Yawara and Kubotan type defensive sticks, and I have linked several of them on this site. (and I will add more as time permits).


   By the way,....there is something quite disconcerting upon "seeing" a short and blunt metal rod being directed at your face repeatedly in a jabbing motion,....and so an attacker may never actually be struck with your initial strikes yet decide to back down and withdraw.


   Interestingly,......I have an old friend I've known and worked with for over 25 years, and it was actually a bit comical watching him shy away from,..and bring his hands up to "defend" his face as I  s-l-o-w-l-y brought the stick into close proximity, intending to lightly "touch" key target areas to demonstrate the stick's defensive use. He fully trusts me and KNEW I would never actually hit him,...yet the natural reaction is to "defend" and back away! :-) 


 DON'T let a shorter stick size deceive you,.....there is something quite disconcerting with a rod of metal being jabbed at your face!


Ti Rod Tactical

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