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            Ti Rod Tactical™ 


     I thought that I should start to add some of the feedback offered by my website and Amazon customers. Ebay has their "feedback" system (some of which is posted further down), and this will be the place to pass along subjective and objective details from the customer's point of view regarding my website offerings. I will add to this page as I receive customer imput, and as time permits.  I'll start with a very practical reason to be carrying one of my Titanium Defensive Yawara Sticks EVEN IF you regularly carry a firearm.  


This first review is by a 15 year veteran of Law Enforcement, currently working a VERY tough beat in St. Louis, Missouri.  (Thank you William K.)


5.0 out of 5 stars Made in the USA Built to Last a Lifetime! !!!
By william on May 17, 2016  
Amazon Verified Purchase 
(6-1/2" x .50" Titanium Yawara Stick w/ Fist-Lock™)

 "In the 15 years I have worked in one aspect or another in law enforcement, I have bought many impact weapons, from tactical pens to mini mag lights, this is one of the most solid and beautifully hand crafted sticks I have owned. A secondary weapon is essential to carry even if you carry a firearm, because in a close quarters situation, you may need a weapon to ward off your attacker to give you precious seconds to either escape or deploy your firearm. I carry this stick openly in my hand at times and it does not draw any attention, I will carry it when jogging, try doing the same with a knife, that may draw a crowd lol. This stick I have owned for about six months, still looks like it did the first day I received it, very solid and built to last a lifetime. I love the fact, it is made in the USA the quality is impeccable. I would really recommend this stick to anyone that is interested, buy one your life may depend on it. Thanks and stay safe." 

William K. & his wife also gave permission to use some of her photo's showing my sticks, as well as to use the subject of an email to me soon after his receipt of several varieties of my sticks. He advised me earlier she had trained with a Kubotan as a little girl. As William describes below, she even got to inflick a bit of unintended pain. (The added fictional notes below the photo's are all mine, ....but hey you never know :-)



"Hello Joe,

     I want to thank you for your sticks, and I wanted to tell you what I thought of them.  I am very impressed in the quality and craftsmanship you put into every one of your products.  You can feel the pride you take into your products, and the passion you feel for them. It is not just a moneymaker for you. 
(* see sidenote below :-) 

   I love the weight of the sticks,... they all seem perfectly balanced and so comfortable in your palm.  I even tested one of the nylon sticks by falling asleep with it in my hand. When I woke up it was still there. I have done this with other sticks and they always fall.

   I actually went to a nightclub last night and took the nylon one with me, so light and comfortable to carry, yet solid enough to do some damage if need be.  The door knocker version is very inventive, with the handle portion gives you so much more leverage than the average Kubotan.

   The rubber centers on all your Kuboton and Yawara sticks is pure genius, when striking with them the sticks stay in place and do not roll in your hands, they just stay in that pocket between your palm and fingers.  I wanted to feel what the Yawara felt like on my own wrist, so I told my wife to do it, but she smacked it on my wrist, just a tap and man that hurt for hours,... lol.

   We just had an incident where one of our guys was in a struggle with a person, he sprayed with OC spray and had no affect. I feel if he used a Yawara stick to gain compliance, he wouldn't have had a hand injury.  With today if you just pull out your baton, you can find yourself in alot of trouble, even if you're in the right.

   I feel your sticks are a great fit for everyone, and in today's society you cannot be without protection.  Lots of people think gun, but to be honest without continuous training and practice can give the offender something to use on you.  Also knives and OC spray are of no use when they are folded in a purse or pocket like where my wife keeps hers, but she loves the necklace knocker. She took some pictures and I will be sending them to you.

   Thx again for your products. I will definitely spread the word. The only thing I would think would be great would be like neoprene ankle or arm holders for joggers, or kydex sheaths in the future but Iove that they are so simple and straightforward.

   Thx again,... if anyone needs to know I am not karate expert,...about 17 years total in security, law enforcement, club nightclubs, to working in jail to basic patrol in worst areas of St Louis MO.  I will
be buying from you again soon.  William K. "  END QUOTE 



   Thanks William,...I really appreciate use of your thoughts on my work. (and thank your lovely wife for me also, she really dresses up this page! :-)


(* Side note by maker): The "moneymaker" part would be nice, but is a long way off.  Even "If" I netted just $6 on average per stick, I would need to sell over 4,000 pieces just to BREAK EVEN and recover the over $12,000 in the US Utility Patent Filing costs, and almost the same amount of dollars in Titanium Rod,  Hoses, and Equipment Costs. That's "if" you don't count the thousands of hours in labor, continuing interest on my Credit Cards, the many dozens of free samples I've offered to lots of folks..... and the simple fact I will have to buy more Titanium Rod material before I can ever reach that number of pieces.  


    Becoming a "moneymaker" will have to wait folks.  (but hopefully not too long,...I'll be 61 in July of 2017 :-)  

I do this today because I know that every Citizen really NEEDS an effective EDC self-defense device, and I'm not shy in saying I believe my designs are some of the very best available.   Not everyone can carry a firearm or knife, so for now I do this for YOU (my customers), knowing my Ti sticks can and will save lives down the road!  (But they have to be purchased and carried daily to do that! :-)   Joe T   


















...."smack you on wrist" huh,...OK.

How's that feel honey? ( I bet he doesn't even remember doing that

seat thing, .....but I'm good now :-)


   A new type of "Evening Wear",            because a lady needs to stay safe!


Word on the street is the bathroom  "seat" was left up one too many

times. Women R E A L L Y hate


.....or else!

...and this is my Titanium Yawara Stick, ...AKA the automatic "seat down" motivator! :-)

Always good to have a backup, and the key ring palm enclosed short stick is always discreet , and well, ...... "handy".

Top Customer Reviews (Amazon)



Richard R.  On August 13, 2016  Verified Purchase (Belt Carry 5" Palm Cap Stick)

Verified Purchase


   I am a big fan of hand held self defense tools. Kubaton, yawara, and koppo sticks being my favorites, I was intrigued to find this product. I was searching for titanium self defense tools on Amazon when i came upon the Ti Rod product.  First of all don't let amazon's quote on shipping time fool you. When I ordered it on 8-10-2016, the expected delivery date was 8-17 to 9-1 turns out it was from NY to WV, HA! Ordered on the 10th and received on the 12th by US mail no less, fast shipping gets an A+++++! Now for the product, WOW! this thing is awesome. the finish of the titanium is perfect with no tooling marks or blemishes, edges are smooth and the business end of the tool is rounded perfectly smooth. The cane tip on the opposite end allows for secure and comfortable grip for easy grip indexing and it protects the palm. The belt keeper dangler is a genius application of benign unrecognizable functionality,innocuous,the same can be utilized as a neck holder as well, just add ball chain or para-cord. Even my favorite sparring partner had no idea what it was until i drew it catching him off guard poking him a few times.. It's different from any handheld impact tool I have ever seen or owned, definitely unique. The non-initiated sheeple will have no idea what is hanging from my belt or I can totally conceal it around my neck. Plainly put, it ain't gonna draw no attention. Fast shipping, great design, titanium that never rusts, high quality, and now for the icing on the cake! The pricing will let me buy more of these tools as I get my Ti Rod Tactical JONES on in overdrive. Crap I forgot the coolest part........and I quote, "1 Year Money Back Guarantee If Not Delighted!" There are many other styles on the company's website to select from, They even have a titanium walking staff! SO QUIT READING AND ORDER ONE! I SPENT TWO WEEKS AGONIZING OVER WHICH ONE TO ORDER. Am I excited, hell yes I am, like a little fat kid in a candy shop!

5.0 out of 5 stars The Ideal Force Amplifier

By William Rhoades, II on March 30, 2017  (6-1/2" x .50" Titanium Yawara Stick with Fist-Lock™)

Verified Purchase  (Amazon)


 Most self defense tools of this type are of questionable value. They fit the hand poorly and are constructed of inferior materials. The Ti-Rod Tactical tools break that model and take the whole idea back to school. This is a metal tool with top grade synthetic components. Frankly you will break your opponent's bones long before you break this tool. I've worked out and trained with a whole box full of kubatons and yawara sticks, for size, feel and quality you won't beat Ti-Rod Tactical. These sticks are light and unobtrusive, just what you need to tilt an unsavort encounter in your favor.
The vendor contacted me personally about my order and even threw in a gift. Try these sticks out, up your game, and I believe you won't regret it. You will be surprised at the quality and utility. I purchased a smaller model first, and while pleased with it, this larger model is ideal for my hands. I found it to be a very aggressive "persuader" in training.



5.0 out of 5 stars Great design, great product, perfect for EDC! Excellent customer service!

By DKH on May 4, 2017   (6-1/2" x .50" Titanium Yawara Stick with Fist-Lock™)

Verified Purchase


  "Great tactical tool, really like the fist lock as it provides an index point for holding the stick. Feels solid in the hand, yet not too heavy that it doesn't carry well in a cargo pocket, or in a belt pouch, you can forget it is there until you need it. Great customer service, shipped really fast and seller did great communication about the product, when it shipped, providing an estimated arrival, in fact it got to me a day early! Will be looking into the other products, as these are much better than other kubotan/yawara sticks out there, these have no unusual grooves, or one end larger than the other. Just feels right in the hand. Very satisfied!!"

5.0 out of 5 stars perfect design

By william j mcdonough on June 5, 2016   (6-1/2" x .50" Titanium Yawara Stick with Fist-Lock™)

Verified Purchase


  A simple and functional non lethal self defense tool. In making a personnel study of several commercially similar devices. This model provides the best of all variations. Its light weight titanium construction and non slip grip. Facilitates a wider variety of techniques than any of other tools I have tested.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Kubaton

ByAmazon Customer on February 3, 2017  (6-1/2" x .50" Titanium Yawara Stick with Fist-Lock™)

Verified Purchase

Great Kubaton, excellent grip. The genius is the simplicity of the design!!!! Very effective and easy to carry everyday. Excellent service and follow up communication!!!! Highly recommend.


One of my ebay customers recently received a Belt Carry Titanium Palm Cap Stick on Saturday. He (like SO many others), had previously expressed great concern over the flood of immigrants entering their Country. So I threw in a "bonus",...a Titanium Yawara stick to help keep him safe. :-)


  "Hello Joe , here is Torsten from Germany, sorry for my late answer, to much working here. The Stick is coming fast on saturday, Very nice and perfect, You have German Ancestors?? hahahaha , you are precise ;-)........ My next ordering not with ebay, then you have more money :-), but ebay was good to connecting with us You website is TOPP High 1000, with the training Videos. Cheers" 


.....and his actual feedback left on ebay for me: 


"Ones of the best ebayer worldwide! Stick is German Quality Made in USA. Cheers."


11-15-16  One of my Amazon and Website Law Enforcement Customers offered via an email message the following review for me to share, ...and I have quoted it below:

   "As a 21 year veteran  law enforcement officer, I have been trained on several less lethal weapons.  Even though the Ti Rod Tactical Yawara stick is not authorized by my Department for on-duty carry, it is my PREFERRED off-duty less lethal self-defense tool.   The fact that I can carry a nondescript piece of material (that in no way looks like a weapon) that behaves exactly like a closed expandable baton is simply amazing!!!  It is comfortable to always hold in my hand when shopping, running or hiking, yet never draws unwanted attention.  I am so impressed with this tool, I am purchasing more for my family.  Thank you for building a better mousetrap! Captain J"



4/1/16, Ryan G., who had just received several of my sticks and various carriages a few days before,....wrote to me. His wife had "ended up" with one of the smaller sticks. :-)  


   "I was right, Joe. She "borrowed" the small stick. :)  I just ordered its replacement along with a 4 1/2" palm stick.

 I've settled on always having the 6" .447 stick
(referring to the Ti Rod Tactical "Yawara") in my front pocket. After a couple of days with it, I'd feel naked without it. The palm sticks are brilliant, so I'm going to see what the shorter version feels like in the pocket. I have a feeling I'll be bugging you with more orders as time goes on.

 I have a coworker who will probably end up with that small stick. :)

 Thanks again, Joe! These things are honestly the best defense tools I've seen in 30 years of martial arts. Nothing is as solid, comfortable and pocketable as your line of products!

 Ryan G" 


Chris Diomampo, with a long history in many Martial Arts Disciplines, has been working with several of my Titanium self defense sticks for a few weeks now. He recently pasted this comment on my Ti Rod Tactical Facebook Page:


QUOTE: "This is by far the most effective "secondary and tertiary" device I have had the privilege of using. In the past I've had to rely on the same tool made of either plastic or wood whereby my life depended on these items. Finally, someone has devised a tool that is reliable "deadly fast"."


   Feedback From My Ebay Listings Of Various Self-Defense Sticks:

Buyer: horsefilms( 319) Mar-30-16  Item # 222058351661  Key Ring Carry Ti Defense Stick

Bulletproof construction, fast shipping and an amazing gentleman. Buy this stuff

Buyer: horsefilms (319) Mar-30-16 Item # 222039491068 5-1/2" .375"  Titanium Yawara Stick

Best seller ever! Products are the best defense tools I've seen in 30 yrs of MA 

Buyer: markreis1 (43) Mar-28-16 Item # 222025574347 Titanium Key Ring Door Knocker & Short Defensive Stick Quick Deploy (NOTE: Sold TWO Pieces to Hong Kong)

Super fast international delivery. Works like a dream, as described.

Buyer: sinistar27 (3) Mar-28-16 20:02 Item # 222062229298 Titanium Delivery Professional Door Knocker & Quick-Deploy Self Defense Tool 

This thing is a great tool for self defense!The customer service was excellent!

Buyer: stick_man_pitbulldog ( 278) Item # 222062229298 Titanium Delivery Professional Door Knocker & Self Defense Tool 

Great item, very creative!! Excellent transaction, great ebayer, 5 star service

Buyer: tomcat2007 (96) Item # 222025574858 Titanium Belt Carry Quick-Deploy Self Defense Palm Stick 

Ones of the best ebayer worldwide! Stick is German Quality Made in USA. Cheers

Buyer: nutsooo (145) Mar-12-16   Item # 222025574858  Titanium Belt Carry Palm Cap Stick
Excellent craftsmanship!!  A highly effective tool A+++   

Buyer: nutsooo (145) Mar-12-16  Item # 222031325862  Black Nylon Version Palm Cap Stick

You can't go wrong here! Highly recommend ! Top notch!

Buyer: pjb966 (544) Mar-09-16 Item # 222039553214  Titanium 5-1/2" Yawara Stick .437" Dia.

Item described accurately and in detail. Seller shipped and responded quickly.

Buyer: nine992 (273) Mar-06-16  Item # 222025574858 Titanium 5" Belt Carry Palm Cap Stick

Shipped quickly, good seller.

Buyer: surfinginhawaii1961 (107) Mar-04-16 Item # 222025574607 Titanium Neck Carry Stick

Another fantastic product from this terrific seller.

Buyer: surfinginhawaii1961 (107) Mar-03-16  Item # 222025574858 Titanium Belt Carry Stick

Great product, fast shipping and fantastic seller!

Buyer: surfinginhawaii1961 (107) Mar-03-16  Item # 222025574347  Titanium Key Ring Carry
Great product, fast shipping and fantastic seller

Buyer: querelle! (5005) Feb-17-16  Item # 222021005036 TWO Belt Carry Door Knockers Knockers arrived QUICKLY, safely and as promised. Thanks!


Buyer: vini_vidivici (380) Feb-10-16  Item # 222001014889   5-1/2" Titanium Yawara Stick

A+ Great Transaction!

Buyer: wladyslalojewsk_0 (55) Jan-31-16  Item # 221971988857 Ti Key Ring Stick to Poland!

good deal

Buyer: grt8deal4ua37f (488) Jan-21-16  Item # 221974289676  Black Nylon Yawara Stick

Quick shipping ! Great products highly recommend!

Buyer:  grt8deal4ua37f (488) Jan-21-16  Item # 221976725696  Black Nylon Palm Cap Stick

Quick shipping ! Great products highly recommend!

Buyer: grt8deal4ua37f (488) Jan-21-16  Item# 221994473278  Titanium Belt Keeper Stick

Quick shipping ! Great products highly recommend!

Buyer: wurm0604 (716) Jan-20-16  Item # 221991166856  Titanium 5-1/2" .375" Yawara Stick

very obliging, fast shipping, thank you

Buyer: wurm0604 (716) Jan-20-16  Item: 221974289676   Black Nylon Yawara Stick

very good product, fast shipping, thank you

Buyer: pjb966( 544) Jan-20-16  Item # 221971988857  Titanium Key Ring Carry Short Stick

Well conceived and crafted item. Described well, shipped quickly.

Buyer: pjb966 (544) Jan-20-16 Item # 221972766864  5-1/2" Titanium .437" Dia. Yawara Stick

Well conceived and crafted item. Described well, shipped quickly.

Buyer: pjb966 (544) Jan-20-16 Item # 221991166856  5-1/2" Titanium .375" Dia. Yawara Stick

Well conceived and crafted item. Described well, shipped quickly.

Buyer: samuraipierci (103) Jan-17-16 Item # 221991166856 5-1/2" Ti .375" Dia. Yawara Stick

very good 

Buyer: tialloydragon (1033) Jan-07-16 Item # 221971988857 Titanium Key Ring Carry Stick

Easy transaction. Neat Product.

Buyer: rahdell2011 (35) Dec-14-15  Item # 221944108409  Titanium 5-1/2" Neck Carry Stick

This kubaton is awesome!

Buyer: geabus1043 (41) Dec-13-15  Item # 221944107916  Titanium Key Ring Carry Stick

Great product many uses!

Buyer: clockguy3 (1370) Dec-04-15  Item # 221911108993  Titanium Tactical Walking Stick

super walking stick - fast shipping & great communication - many thanks, Joe

Buyer  monkeymanrizalino (111) Dec-01-15 Item # 221927922167 Titanium Yawara "Trainer"

BEST customer service ... Great great product... Thank you very much

Buyer: monkeymanrizalino (111) Dec-01-15 Item 221946870190   (4) Nylon Yawara Trainers!

BEST customer service ... Fantastic products.... Thanks Much

NOTE: Regarding the FIVE (1 Titanium, 4 Black Nylon) Training Yawara Sticks purchased together directly above,... he "gifted" the four Nylon pieces to some of his Martial Arts training friends, and on Wednesday (12-3-15) they worked with them for the first time. He gave me some input as to how the night went and if anyone was hurting! lol  I asked his permission to use his feedback from the first night they all used the sticks, and got his OK.... 

He says: 


Everyone loves these...Hurts a little here and there...Heard a lot of ohh ouch f... and sh..  Crazy fun making your friends say things they normally wouldn't say. Thank you very much for quality products that do the job and more.....Carry the titanium as my EDC now. 

Thanks much, Riz"

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