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Others will be added by Ti Rod Tactical™ as time permits...

(....because I can't sell'em if I don't make'em!)    






Phil Elmore's "The Martialist" - Ti Rod Tactical Review

Yawara Stick Info:

How To Use The Yawara Stick For Police by F.A Matsuyama 1948<-----


A FISTFUL OF DYNAMITE "The Kubotan" (Self Defense Key Chain) by By Andrew Breen


Don Rearic The Forgotten Yawara Stick


Contemporary Fighting Arts, by Sammy Franco, Kubotan Info


The Martialist  "Pocket Sticks for Self-Defense


Misc: Ultimate Guide To Mora Knives! (Affordable AND High Quality!)


Youtube - Yawara & Kubotan Stick Techniques & Training Videos

wmpyr Challenged,TRY to Break Ti Rod Tactical Delrin Yawara Stick on Large Tire!


wmpyr Demonstrating Ti Rod Tactical Yawara on Small Tire Training Rig

The Dojo Martial Arts (Includes Using Everyday Carry Items!): "Kubotan For Self Defense"


Luke Holloway: Is this the Perfect Weapon!? No B.S. Close QuarterCombat!   Excellent!!!

(Some swearing, BUT an excellent analysis on "Martial Arts Training" vs "Street Fighting" Differences!)


Note: John Borter is a "local" asset for me in the Albany, NY area. I recently met with John, and

hope to learn a lot from him in the near future. :-)

For those in and around this area, John can be reached at: Modern Self-Defense Academy


John Borter Kubotan Seminar Clips at "Professional Security Taining Institute" (PSTI) (Excellent)


John Borter Pressure Point Control Tactics Clip from RIT Class


John Borter "Modern Self-Defense Academy" Kubotan Concepts 

Tommy Moore: Yawara Sticks & Common Household Substitutes  (Excellent Self Defense Strike Tactics!)


Tactical Pen or Kubotan Self Defense (Excellent)


Glen Dahms, Palm Stick Attack & Responses


Tim Francis, Kubotan 1     Tim Francis, Kubotan 2     Tim Francis, Kubotan 3


Anton St Jame  Use of the Dolu Dolu (Filipino Palm Stick)   (Excellent)


Clive Elliott, Palm Stick or "Billy" Flow Drill     Clive Elliott, Expanded Flow Drill 


Clive Elliott, Some Arm Lock Flow Related Techniques


Sensei Enrique Perez Carrillo, Yawara-Kubotan Self Defense Techniques, Some Spanish but 

LOTS of techniques are well shown, & repeated at different angles & speeds. Excellent!  (Part 1/7) (Part 2/7)   (Part 3/7)   (Part 4/7)   (Part 5/7)   (Part 6/7)   (Part 7/7)


Ron Kosakowsk    Kuntao Style 2015 Day 2 Camp


Lapel Grab Yawara Techniques by PSA (Spoken Dutch Language but worthwhile video)


Bat or Stick Attack Defense With Yawara or Kubotan Stick by PSA

(by "Pocket Stick Academy" Spoken Dutch Language BUT Excellent Technique Plainly Shown!)


Several Other "PSA" (Pocket Stick Academy) Youtube Training Videos


Michael Janich, Stay Safe Media, Techniques With Tactical Pen Adapts To Kubotan & Yawara Use. "Focused Impact":  Volume 1   Volume 2    



....When You Need Time To Deploy Your Yawara / Kubotan "If" Caught By Surprise: 


Keenan Cornelius: 7 Deadly Wristlocks


 Junkyard Aikido Joint Locks


Cane Defense Series  


Grandmaster Mark Sheuy, Founder: American Cane System

Excellent Crook Cane Self Defense Techniques! 

Mark Sheuy & Thomas Forman: "Circle of Masters" Cane Self Defense Class on 10-16-2015

  TWO ways to defend against a stabbing attack with a knife is shown below, and could work as well with a Yawara Stick.  Serious MA training is recommended, but sometimes you aren't given a choice:  Combat Knife Counterattack for Stabbing    Moni Aizik Teaches "The Wiz" Knife Dis

If you're unfortunate to be sent to the ground, this ground attack could get you home safely: Evantai Silat Ground Fighting


                                 USEFUL HUMAN ANATOMY DIAGRAMS BELOW:

     NOTE: The top of the feet (instep) are also effective target areas if you are brought to the ground!


























    Interesting Youtube Videos on Yawara Stick Techniques..
                         ...and other Training and Useful Info
How To Use The Yawara Stick by Prof F. A. Matsuyama
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