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Some Additional Ti Rod Tactical™ Designs

 EDC Hidden Neck Carriage Palm Cap Stick With Easy Access Between Buttons Or Reaching Under An Untucked Pull Over Shirt

Leather Belt Keeper Carry With Quick Release. Useful For Security Personal, Law Enforcement, And Civilians.  The Rubber Palm Swell End Cap Makes A Shorter 4-1/2 to 5" Stick Highly Effective.  Can Be Made Longer If You Are Primarily Walking 

Key Ring Carry With Quick Release Design. Can Also Be Carried On A Longer Neck Cord For Home Delivery Personal And Used Primarily As A "Door Knocker",  With A Useful Secondary Self-Defense Function.  A Very Popular EDC Design!

Note: Can Be Attached To A Purse Strap Or Briefcase Handle Using A Few Zip Ties, OR The Optional Leather Belt Keeper

"Training Model" Yawara Stick To Lessen The Hurt On A Live Training Partner, Should Your Intensity Or Depth Of Strike Be Misjudged. Rubber Tips Can BOTH Be Removed For EDC,  Or One Left On Giving You A "Choice" Of Striking Force Available 

Thank You For Considering Ti Rod Tactical™  Please Visit Our Website Store To See Additional Designs,..... Including Aerospace Grade 5 (6AL-4V) Titanium Tactical Walking Sticks!    Proudly-->

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