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   Dedicated To My Poker Friend


    "Cyrus The Owl"

Snow Owl Pair
Snow Owl Pair
White Owl a bit frazzled
Snow Owl Winking

        Mr. and Mrs. Owl

  The Owl and his "Bud (me:-)

 ...after a good night at the Poker Tables

White Snowy Owl Screeching

Even "CyrusThe Owl" can have a bad night at  the Poker Tables and get a bit "frazzled!

USUALLY that's because......

........some real DONKEY is in the game!


White Owl Dancing
White Snowy Owl Stern Face Up Close

BUT there are also times I make a GREAT CALL!


......and for that I'll take an occasional BOW!

Sometimes you gotta look a man STRAIGHT IN THE EYE,.....looking for a poker "tell" that only LOTS of experience can help identify! 

 Does he have "the goods", or NOT! ...?

Titanium Key Ring Self Defense Stick by Ti Rod Tactical
White Snowy Owl Face Up Close "Thinking Ummmm?)
White Snowy Owl Portrait Close

 Sometimes you have to look.....

.........a little HARDER!

When you see it you'll KNOW !
              (.... he's F-O-S! :-)
White Snowy Owl Gliding

So CALL,...& it's smooth sailing to take down another MONSTER POT!  Soon,......

White Snowy Owl With White Rat Prey

......take a break for a bite & attend to "other" needs :-)  I got "the fish" earlier, now it's time for some rat tartare!

Horned Owl Looking Tired

Sadly, even the OWL gets tired (and a bit dusty sometimes :-) , and has to call it a night.

White Snowy Owl on Log with fence behind
Then it's to the cage to cash out my chips and head off to bed, after all..........

  Tomorrow is another day to do it all over again!

White Snowy Owl With Huge Wingspread on Limb

.........and I'm OFF to  the Casino once again!

White Snowy Owl Coming In for Landing with Huge Wingspan

Bet you didn't know Owls can "CLAP"!  Hahahahah

White Snowy Owl Wings "Clapping"

See you all at the tables (Wings don't fail me now! :-)

White Snowey Owl Gliding Huge Wingspan

BTW, if you see me at the tables I'm usually dressed for comfort. Check out my new "Flip Flops"!  :-)

In my younger days before I lost some hair and grayed a bit. (Holloween dressed as a College Professor) ....Over & OUT....

Winking emoticon
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