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  Offered is ONE Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium Finger & Hand Dexterity Rehabilitation Tool, (aka " Finger-Baton™ ") ... AND Spinning FUN for ALL!   (Note: 4 Inch Length Shown in ALL Photos)


 These are Hand made in the USA by Ti Rod Tactical™ , ... and taking a FULL Hour to manufacture,... offers great VALUE at just $24.95! 


  Guitar and other String Instrument Players will also find they make a great warm up tool for their Fretting Hand, as well as a portable finger exerciser when away from their instruments!


  A much more challenging Stress-Relief Tool than other spinners (ie "Fidget Spinners") in the market, and you won't find a more solid "Toy" that the whole family can enjoy!


  Hand Made in the USA, I make them up in a useful and easy to spin 3-5/8 " length for small to about medium hand sizes (suitable for most folks), 4" length for medium hand sizes to about a large hand. and longer 4-3/8" sticks for larger hands. If you have a really large hand (aka a "Bear Paw"),  a bit longer stick can be made on request. 


NOTE: For point of reference, my medium sized men's hand measures 3-3/8 inches across where my fingers meet my hand (a "medium" men's hand size), as shown in the 1st photo.  I chose the 4" Model for taking the photos, as it's the "middle" size for my current offerings, 


  For best fit, you should order a length that clears both sides of your hand about 1/8 inch, as shown in the 1st photo. Finger length also enters into it, and longer lengths can spin a little longer stick more easily, because the stick is moved using the fingers directly below and over the fingernails.


However, the 3-5/8 Inch version actually works best for me, as it easily passes the web of my hand freely if I do my part, and my finger lengths are about average.  This length will be the most popular I suspect, for smaller to medium sized hands with average length fingers. 


   Although with experience you should be able to spin longer than optimum lengths for your hand size,'s best to PICK a length closest to the width where your fingers meet your hand,  or just slightly longer ( 1/8" to 1/4" or so).  This will allow for your fastest potential spin rate, and will be easier to manipulate overall. :-)


  Because the device is actually FUN to use,'re much more likely to WANT to use it! (Unlike most rehabilitation tools, which are often neglected because of the actual "work" involved).    


  Spinning this within your hand will work your fingers and hand functioning, to increase dexterity lessened as the result of a previous hand injury. Encased within a plaster cast to heal broken bones, the hand will usually stiffen, and dexterity and fine motor skills will be reduced during the healing process. 


   Mild to sometimes severe pain can be present even after the healing process, and often it's difficult to get the patient to WANT to get rehabilitation underway.  It will be SO much easier when the rehab work is FUN to do!


Also, having substantial hand rehabilitation physiotherapy benefits makes it one of the LEAST Expensive Medical Device purchases you'll ever make, and in TITANIUM no less! :-)


  I haven't looked into it, but this "could" possibly be a reinbursed purchase if you check with your doctor or health care representative.  It's a brand new product as of 7-25-21 , so they're not likely to be familiar with it yet. However, it seems to me a much more cost effective choice than paying for many hours of in person hand dexterity physical thearapy!


NOTE: Photos show just some of the stick positions, when spinning "backward" toward the user. The Red Dot is NOT actually on the stick, and is used in the photos to show the relative tip positioning after each 1/2 turn, or less in the later photos,... as the stick clears the web of the hand.




Titanium Finger-Baton™ FUN Hand Rehab & Finger Exercise Tool & TOY!

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