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 Offered is ONE  .685" Diameter "Patent Pending", Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium (6AL-4V Alloy), Easy-Carry, Ergonomic Firm Grip, Self Defense Yawara Stick. (aka "Hand Hammer"!  )   Has several other practical uses also, as I describe further down.


   Available in 5-1/2", 5-7/8" or  6-1/2" Lengths. Both tips are smoothly domed and satin finished by hand. Weight is 6.1 ounces in the 5-7/8" length shown. 


 My Heaviest & Devastatingly HARD Hitting LOW Production Yawara Stick, ...with both lengths hitting with additional power as a result of their more weighty makeup!  


  I've started to carry one in my vehicle, for Emergency use to break out my or another vehicle's side window with a sharp, controlled "rap" (without following through on the strike to avoid hand cuts).  I even used mine to tenderize a tough cut of steak, .....and got a mild workout as a bonus! 


 I've also used mine to gently crush garlic about TEN minutes before cooking, As noted in the article below:  "...Crushing or chopping garlic releases an enzyme, alliinase, that catalyzes the formation of allicin, which then breaks down to form a variety of healthful organosulfur compounds."


You can find additinal details in the full article below:


 This multi-use tool has another practical use, in that it has been used for Acupressure treatments using the wide and genty rounded tips. A few years ago one customer even commented his wife "loved" the stick's rubber grip being used like a rolling pin, ....on the bottom of her FEET!  Who knew???   :-)

Designed & Hand Crafted in the USA from .685" Diameter Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium (6AL-4V Alloy). Titanium will last a lifetime & perform like no other!

Your Outer Fingers "Mechanically Lock" & Center The Stick Laterally In the Hand - Inner Fingers Add Substantial Grip...Creating Fist-Lock™! The GRIP Is Absolutely Awesome In that "Cupped Pocket" where your Fingers meet the Hand! (Cup your hand and that pocket will "magically" appear :-)


The next to last photo shows the hand with fingers outstretched, and there is no "cup" presented in the hand. The LAST photo shows the small pocket created once the fingers are bent. Much like a Key Way holding a wheel onto an electric motor shaft, this design forms a "mechanical connection" of the stick to your hand!  It has been well received by knowledgeable Martial Arts practitioners and MANY others as creating an outstanding grip!  Simple, comfortable, and EFFECTIVE!  


A modern rendering of the classic Yawara & Kubotan Style Self Defense Palm Sticks, with an ergonomic & firm "Fist Lock™" grip incorporated into the Patent Pending design!


IMPORTANT PRICING NOTES: ......and how I arrived here...... :-)


This "Fattest" model was originally a "Prototype" design made in .750" diameter rod. The THREE examples I initially offered (in order to garner what interest might exist),... sold quickly for $59.95 each and were well received by all the buyers.  


   However, Installing the reinforced rubber hose handles on the .750" Diameter Rod was quite a chore!  (aka a PITA!)  It took me 5X the time as on my usual sticks,...and I banged up my hand more than a few times getting the hose to move into position! :-(   


   Also, the .750" Diameter Grade 5 Titanium Alloy really is TOO Expensive to stock it as a regular item.  I therefore decided to order TWO 48" lengths of this slightly thinner .685" rod, .....and the difference on mounting the handles is readily discernable to me. They were "made for" each other!


   Additionally, using .685" Rod enabled me to reduce the price from $59.95 to just $44.95 for the 5-1/2" & 5-7/8" length sticks.  These will be the best value lengths, because I can get EIGHT sticks made from a 48" bar. (just slightly under 6" after cutting and finishing the tips)  


 Bars have to be purchased in one foot increments, and if purchased in 60" (5 feet) or longer, incur additional shipping cost premiums.  Each of the bars actually measured a little over 48", but it is not enough to allow for the material lost in cutting all the sticks due to the Horizontal Bandsaw blade's .065" thickness, AND doming the ends to remove the slight central concave produced by cutting this thicker bar stock.   


  THEREFORE, I've had to price the  6-1/2" length stick with a $6.50 premium, because I have to prorate the loss of one stick over seven units from the 48" original rod length.  I cut up one 48" rod into (8) 5-7/8" (finished) sticks,  and any 6-1/2" sticks will be cut from the remaining 48" length rod as orders come in.

"Hand Hammer" .685" Diameter Titanium Rod Yawara Stick With Fist-Lock™

  • NOTE: Because I have every confidence you will love this item, based on immense Positive Feedback of this design from my customers (Martial Arts Instructors,  Law Enforcement, & Military included!), I offer a....


    1 Year Money Back Guarantee If Not Delighted!


    NOW you have no reason NOT to try one to see what you've been missing! :-)


      THIS is my HEAVIEST Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium Yawara Stick made in volume, made in a full .685" Diameter Rod. Weight of this 6-1/8" Length stick shown is about 6.2 ounces, which is almost TWICE the 3.5 ounce weight of my next fattest stick using .50" Diameter Rod.  But it carries very well in a Jeans or Jacket pocket, and HITS Much Harder because of the wider striking surface and additional weight!  


           * Durable .685" Diameter Grade 5 Titanium!  (My "Fattest" Yawara Stick Regular Offering :-)
          * 1 Year Money Back Guarantee If Not Delighted! 


          *  Innovative Secure Ergonomic Grip Design (Even Wet) Because....


          *  Outer Fingers "Mechanically Lock" & Center Stick Laterally In Hand,


         *  Inner Fingers Add Substantial Grip...

         *  ...Creating: Fist-Lock™!  The Grip Is Absolutely AWESOME In That "Cupped Pocket" Where Your Fingers Meet The Hand!


         *  EDC Design Is Handcrafted In America!


    Top Customer Reviews:


    5.0 out of 5 stars Made in the USA Built to Last a Lifetime! !!!


    By william on May 17, 2016  Verified Purchase on Amazon (regarding standard weight stick made in thinner .447" Dia. Rod)


       " In the 15 years I have worked in one aspect or another in law enforcement, I have bought many impact weapons, from tactical pens to mini mag lights, this is one of the most solid and beautifully hand crafted sticks I have owned.


    A secondary weapon is essential to carry even if you carry a firearm, because in a close quarters situation you may need a weapon to ward off your attacker to give you precious seconds to either escape or deploy your firearm.


    I carry this stick openly in my hand at times and it does not draw any attention. I will carry it when jogging, ...try doing the same with a knife, ...that may draw a crowd! lol 


    This stick I have owned for about six months, & it still looks like it did the first day I received it, very solid and built to last a lifetime. I love the fact it is made in the USA,... the quality is impeccable.


    I would really recommend this stick to anyone that is interested. Buy one, your life may depend on it. Thanks and stay safe. "


      This is about 4-5 ounces lighter (depending on length) than a comparable size Yawara Stick would weigh if made in Stainless Steel. Still, this rather substantial Titanium Yawara Stick brings NEW (and literal) meaning to the term "Hammer Fist" Strike in the art of "Yawara Jitsu"! Simply devastating at the receiving ends!


      For someone willing to carry a bit more weight over my smaller diameter models, it will S-M-A-S-H most anything it comes in contact with!  I plan on carrying one in my vehicle, should I ever come upon an emergency situation and need to bust out either my or another vehicle's side window.  


      As a "Self Defense" Tool, the additional weight makes ANY strike more devastating, and will compound the energy you have available to put into your strikes. Additionally,...Pain Compliance Techniques,... and even Medicinal "Acupressure" uses are made possible with the smoothly domed over tips.  


      One of my customer's even uses the rubber handle to roll over the bottoms of his wife's feet ( "rolling pin" technique ) , with the smoothly domed stick tips also used to target specific areas of her feet! ( Happy Wife,... Happy Life" as they say :-)


      This can also be used as a Medicinal  "Pill Crusher", to lessen stomach upset and mix into a water bottle.  Use the water bottle cap as the "Mortar", and this stick as the "Pestle" to easily crush the medication, and simply pour the medication into the water bottle, screw the cap on,...and S H A K E well before drinking.


      On the one made for personal use, ,..... I even used mine as an effective "Meat Tenderizer" on some tough cuts of steak! (and got a small bonus workout :-)


       The innovative raised central reinforced rubber grip nestles rather nicely into the small "pocket" created where the fingers meet the hand when it is cupped!  The use of this grip design also "mechanically locks" the stick laterally between the first and pinky fingers within a closed fist,....with the middle and ring fingers contributing substantial additional gripping forces.  


       I have chosen the name: Fist-Lock™  to describe these very worthwhile and effective attributes! This grip design performs like no other and IS secure, EVEN when WET,......yet maintains an overall low profile considering the starting rod diameter size. 


      By the way,...It's always smart to carry more than one defensive stick anyway at various locations, should you be wrapped up in any way preventing you from reaching your main stick.  I keep a few of my lighter sticks in the car also, to repel a "reach in" attack should my window be down. I place one in the driver's door cup holder, and one on the center console!  I even keep one IN the shower hanging off the shower head rack!   


    About 17 years ago soon after moving in, I had TWO home break-ins within a 6 month time period, and fortunately I wasn't home either time. But hey, NEVER KNOW when those sorts of things will happen, or WHERE you'll be in the house if it does!


     I believe every Citizen should be carrying "something" with them  everyday to defend themselves against an unprovoked attack. The world truly is not what it once was.......and defensive sticks such as I offer are a good starting point for everyone!

       A secure grip is something that has often been lacking with the also compact Kubotan style sticks, as they most always seem a bit slippery to me. In Kubotan sticks such as the well known "Fury", multiple deep finger grooves are often CUT OUT in an attempt to add some security to the all metal grip.


       Kubotan sticks are already rather thin, so to cut material away in an attempt to add "grip" is going in the wrong direction. I think what I present here is much better, and initial testing bear that out.  


    So,.....I offer instead a basic Kubotan sized Yawara stick shape, but having a VERY comfortable and secure grip with a high coefficient of friction "raised" reinforced rubber central area, that is optimized to the user's hand like no other! 


    With the inside edge of the first finger wrapped around the rod and butted up against the comfortably tapered top edge of the grip, ....and the inside edge of the forth (pinky) finger wrapped around and butted up against the similarly tapered lower edge of the grip,......the stick is effectively LOCKED in place between both ends of the rubber grip within the closed fist! (as shown in photos)


    It's tough to describe how solid and comfortable this feels in several strike positions,.....and I wouldn't have invested so much time and money into this were it not a significant improvement in the "art" of  Yawara and Kubotan sticks.


    Additionally, when used defensively, the body's natural reaction is to make an even tighter fist, which serves very well here to "lock" the stick into the fist.  Simple Fist Lock™ at work!


    I have been working on this style for some time now, (along with several other defensive stick designs offered in my other listings :-),.... and have recently filed for a US Utility Patent covering the various modes of carriage and methods of construction. 


    I would not have invested a substantial sum for completing a rather lengthy US Utility Patent Filing had I not believed, (in the world we live in today!) .....that EVERYONE should be carrying at least one defensive stick device, if not more!


    For lots of reasons it makes sense to consider carrying multiple defensive sticks at various locations upon your person, which is what I most often do. You never know when a single stick might be unreachable should you be wrapped up in a particular way without warning, and having various stick types available will help to counter that possibility.


    ALSO,....PLEASE make sure Yawara and Kubotan style sticks are legal to carry in your Country, State, City, or Town before purchasing. Some areas may have restrictions on such things, and I cannot possibly know about every specific law in every area of the world. :-)  Your purchase confirms you have complied with your local laws. Thank You.

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