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NOTE: Sorry for the lag in availability, but as of 4-1-24  I've sold the last of the 30 Titanium Stick Blanks I received on 7-1-23. Do to the high cost of the material,  and very long lag time to get an order processed at the mill, I don't expect another order to be available for at least 6 months out to a year, possibly. :-(  Thanks for your patience...


Also:  I've priced these Staffs into TWO Length Ranges, as shown in the options. The lower price is for sticks up to 49 inches. Longer lengths from 50 on up to 57-1/2 Inches are available if needed for a $15.00 upcharge, as my pricing model has a reasonable "cutoff" length factored in from the original 56" rod length, to make a few hand-sized sticks. PLEASE leave a note with your order as to what length within each range you need, so as not to delay processing. :-)


ALSO: On 4-12-22 I was forced to raise shipping charges. Besides the usual shipping charges, USPS is NOW charging an additional $15.00 "Non-Standard Length, Item Over 30 Inches" surcharge!    Sorry, I have no choice...



  My Tactical Walking Staffs are .445" Dia. Grade 5 Titanium (Tempered 6AL-4V Alloy), and are as strong as anyone could want or need. The top cap, tip, and reinforced rubber tube grip are all black.


They NOW come with the same small space of bare rod at the top as my shorter cane length Walking Sticks offered in another listing. This is useful to tie on a Paracord or Leather Lanyard (wrist strap) if you wish to do so at some point. 


I received this wonderful update regarding an extended length Titanium Walking Staff Mike B. had purchased back on 7-27-18. I was not envisioning my Staffs used as a weight loss tool, and I was thrilled to learn of his hard earned result....


Email on 2-17-19, Quote: "Hello. Back in July of last year, I bought a full-length walking staff. I wanted you to know I've lost 100 pounds walking with it. I feel guilty if I see it and haven't walked. It motivates me. I love it. I walk 5.25 very hilly miles a day. Thank you very much! Mike" (/Quote)


   I responded in awe of his results, and asked his permission to use his details to share with others. After a few days he offered his permission,... and a few more details here:


  Mike's email from 3-4-19, Quote: "Joe, Thanks for the nice response. You can use it, and this, no problem. It's all the more remarkable given that I have severe chronic thyroid disease. Hypothyroidism makes it almost impossible to lose weight. Went from heaviest ever (due the medication screw-up) 6'3", 327# to 227#. " ( /Quote)


Remarkable dedication by Mike to gain this well deserved result, ...and thanks so much for allowing me to share it with others.Joe T,  Ti Rod Tactical

  Titanium has some unusual properties and the more you stress it, the more resistant to additional stress it becomes. It also has a "deadening" quality to help absorb & lessen vibration reaching the hand, especially appreciated if ever needed in a tactical self defense role.

I've sold 280+ Walking "Staffs" in similar rod on ebay and this website, & everyone has been impressed with the strength and solid feel of them. (a few were Martial Art Instructors :-)  By the way, my shorter cane length Walking "Sticks" have sold over twice that number to date! 


As of 6-19-18 this product has been upgraded! :-)   I have secured a  supply of machined and hardened Stainless Steel Top Caps, for use on my Titanium Walking Staffs here,... and shorter Walking Sticks offered in another listing. 


   These caps cost 5X what the chrome plated steel ones did, but these new caps are well worth it to me,...and YOU!


  They are a little longer also, allowing me to now have a little more of the Stainless top to exit the rubber cap. This not only looks "classy", but is more effective to stop an attack if ever called upon to do so from the handle end.  Brushed Stainless Steel also more closely matches the color of Titanium!  The caps will now be threaded on and epoxied in place, for very secure attachment.


NOTE:  On International Orders, Please Contact Me For Correct Shipping Information, as it is substantially more than Domestict (USA) shipping shown at Checkout. (usually $65 to $75 USD)


Stay Safe!

Joe T

Ti Rod Tactical

Longer Titanium .445" Diameter Tactical Walking STAFF Up To 57-1/2 Inches

  • These Tactical Walking STAFFS are made in super tough Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium (6AL-4V Tempered Alloy) , and are Solid .44" Diameter Rod.  They have a comfortable "Side Grip", as well as an option to place your thumb comfortably over the top.  


      The machined Stainless Steel top cap has been fitted with a hand fitted rubber cover, where the middle portion of the SS cap exits the center. This gives the staff a custom look, and the new cap is now hardened stainless steel.


    This Titanium Alloy is often used in Aerospace applications, where lives could be put at risk using anything less. Titanium also has some noteworthy attributes over other material choices.  An important one is the more it is stressed, ...the more resistant to additional stresses it becomes.  It is also well suited to a "tactical" application use because the material has a deadening quality, and any vibrations reaching the hand from performing striking maneuvers are noticeably reduced compared to other commonly used materials.

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