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  This 4-5/8" x .44" Diameter Titanium Rod Product fits easily into several market niches, & works well for a variety of tasks!  As a compact portable tool, it will help hand injury patients recover some dexterity after the healing process has ended. Can also be used immersed in comfortably warm water for added soothing benefits.

 The fact that it's F U N to SPIN is a BIG plus, and a NEW take on " Fidget Spinners " for everyone!  You don't even have to be recovering from a hand injury to enjoy this entertaining and challenging tool. Also helps ADD & ADHD sufferers relieve Stress and Anxiety.

  If recovering from a hand injury you'll WANT to do the work, do it more often, and for longer time periods. ANY initial discomfort is likely to be soon forgotten as you take on the challenge to gain a controlled & uniform SPIN one handed! Timed spinning makes for challenging friendly competitions. My best is 220 spins in ONE Minute! (1 spin=180 degree "half" turn)

This also makes a fine EDC Yawara Stick, having the same great Fist-Lock™ Grip as my longer sticks. I've beveled the tip edges, & machined DNA Collectors at the centers. Also useful as a Door Knocker, Acupressure Tool, Pill Crusher, & with similar Relaxation / Meditation Benefits as Chinese "Baoding" Balls.


NOTE:  This is the shortest stick I make that still retains DNA Collecting Tip Ends., although I do bevel the outer edges more than on my longer Yawara Sticks, in order to help it pass over the web of your hand easier should it catch while spinning.


   My even shorter 4-3/8 Inch and 4 Inch sticks are fully dedicated for spinning, and have Fully Domed and satin finished tip ends. As such they are even better at passing freely over the web of your hand should they touch while spinning.


   On this stick for self defense use, your Outer Fingers "Mechanically Lock" & Center The Stick Laterally In the Hand - Inner Fingers Add Substantial Grip...Creating Fist-Lock™!  The GRIP Is Absolutely Awesome In that "Cupped Pocket" where your Fingers meet the Hand! (Cup your hand and that pocket will "magically" appear :-) 


  The next to last photo shows the hand with fingers outstretched, and there is no "cup" presented in the hand. The LAST photo shows the small pocket created once the fingers are bent. Much like a Key Way holding a wheel onto an electric motor shaft, this designs forms a "mechanical connection" of the stick to your hand! It has been well received by knowledgeable Martial Arts practitioners and MANY others as creating an outstanding grip! Simple, comfortable, and EFFECTIVE!  


...a whole lot of utility and fun packed into such a small package, and Made in the USA to boot.

4-5/8" x.44" Dia. Titanium Rod Mini Yawara Stick, & FUN Hand Rehabilitation Tool

  •    Because I have every confidence you will love this item, based on Positive Feedback of this design from my many customers,... I offer a 

    1 Year Money Back Guarantee If Not Delighted!  

    NOW you have no reason NOT to try one to see what you've been missing! :-)


       OK,.....I discovered the benefits of this shorter length when I was experimenting with some prototypes of my longer Self Defense Yawara Sticks.  I found it was actually FUN to spin, & can even be a bit addicting while "working out"!  What better way to regain dexterity from a hand injury than to use a device that is actually FUN to use in Hand Rehabilitation.


       I found that this worked well in this application, with enough weight at the tip ends to aid the spinning,  but without excessive contact to the hand web.


      Spinning this device within your hand will work the fingers & hand function to increase dexterity lessened from a hand injury. After broken bones heal, the hand will usually stiffen, and dexterity & fine motor skills will be noticably reduced.


       Mild to sometimes severe pain can also be present even after the healing process, and so often it's difficult to get the patient to WANT to get rehabilitation underway. ( Remember the well known "No Pain...No Gain" axiom!)


        It should be SO much easier to get a patient working the hand when the rehab work is FUN to do!  Learning to spin the tool in one hand with a controlled & even spin is challenging, and quite honestly can even be a bit addictive. But in THIS case that's actually a good thing, as using it often will speed your recovery!


       Very soon "muscle memory" kicks in and you can be working your hand while watching TV, reading, or most any activity not requiring your full attention.


       This is using the "spin" style as shown in photos 1 through 7 that I call "Over the Waterfall", ...with gravity working with you. Additionally, you can spin the stick in a more horizontal manner in what I call "Helicopter" mode, where the spins mimic the main blade rotation of the helicopter, and works best when getting the wrist involved in helping the flow of the spin.  If the wrist is a bit stiff this will help to loosen it up.


       A third type of spin I use is what I call "Up the Steps", where you're "Flipping" the stick upwards and against gravity. This is a bit of a staggered "step", with a brief pause between flips,... much like climbing a long set of steps.


       Each "Spin" or "Flip" type uses different hand motions and combinations, so the hand and wrist get a better overall workout if all are used. There are even maneuvers to "walk" the stick around the hand by intertwining the fingers in various ways around the stick. 


       The best attribute of this stick size in this material is how well it performes in several other applications.  It makes a fine compact Yawara Stick in an emergency!  Granted, not a "lot" of the stick tip is exiting the hand at either end as a traditional Yawara Stick might have, especially if you were training to learn restraining techniques such as wrist locks. 


       BUT, ...there is still plenty of tip exiting the hand to enable the best and most practical use of a defensive stick in any serious attack, STRIKE quickly with a securely held stick (a "lost" stick can be used against YOU!),...that will allow safe retreat with as little injury to yourself as possible!  Leave "restraining" techniques to Law Enforcement,....civilians don't really have THAT priority. Finding a quick and safe exit should be the ONLY priority!


       Additionally, this stick makes a fine Door Knocker, for home delivery professionals of any sort. A "knuckle saver" in that sense for sure,....but in an unprovoked attact will also help to protect your own hand!  Also useful as a Medicinal Pill Crusher, for those needing strong medications that can lead to stomach upset. Crush the medication into a water bottle cap or other drink, and transfer it back to the bottle will greatly lessen stomach issues. Obsorption rate will also be increased, using simple headache busters such as simple asparin. 


       It's so compact I carry one daily in my shirt pocket, where in some shirts it lies fully horizontal.  ALL this versitility is packed into a benign "looking" tool that is so easy to carry everyday ( EDC one in a shirt pocket works well ),....there is NO reason NOT to have one (or more) available at all times! :-)

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