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Replacement Rubber TOP CAP ONLY, (Fits Ti Rod Tactical™ Walking Stick Shown)


Some folks have asked for replacement rubber tops caps to fit the Ti Rod Tactical Tactical Walking Sticks and Staffs I make. 


This listing is ONLY for (1) "Replacement Rubber Top Cap" to fit my current Walking Stick and Staff Stainless Steel Base, as shown in the single photo of this listing. 


  They take about 20 minutes to make, wherein I remove all molding seams, remove the center for a snug fit to the Stainless Steel cap base, and hand finish with a fine Scotch-Brite pad, so the pricing is more than fair. :-)


Shipping as shown is for Domestic (USA) delivery by USPS First Class Mail. International buyers please contact me for shipping cost to your Country (currently about $17.50 to most places)



Joe T

Ti Rod Tactical™

Rubber Top Cap for Walking Sticks

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