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                                 May "My SPork™" Be With You!

  There are now THREE Versions of the new Ti Rod Tactical Titanium Key Ring Carry Snow Peak Spork in this listing, and ALL carry the same "ONE Year Money Back Guarantee If Not Delighted" return policy as my popular Self Defense Sticks!


  I realize they cost more than a stock one, but feel comforted in knowing you're paying an experienced craftsman minimum wage to do it! :-)   Try to make one and you'll KNOW what a bargain this is!


  I learned long ago that when you buy a quality product, the initial small "pain in the wallet" is soon forgotten, as the enjoyment of using it regularly kicks in, and especially IF it lasts a very long time!

  And as I recall hearing not long ago, "What the hell have you got to lose?"   If you find it's not for you, then well, I'll "eat it"! :-)


 The original Snow Peak Spork (or SPork™) head shape is the one shown on the LEFT in the first photo, and my further modified head shape with the "same level tines" is shown on the RIGHT in the same photo.


  The level tine version costs an additional $9.00, to cover the extra 40 minutes it takes to level and shape the tines, blend the upper bowl base to the reshaped outer tines, and remove the hole.


  A 3rd lowest cost version is shown in the last photo, where the handle hole is left in place & uses the original variable tines.


  Snow Peak's original Titanium Spork has been a favorite for a large number of campers and other outdoor enthusiasts for a long time.  I've used a standard one for years in traveling, but there were times I didn't have it with me and wish I had! 


THAT won't happen again, as a Key Ring Carry Version is now available!  After using it and wiping it down, snap it back onto your Key Ring, and  "May 'My SPork'™ Be With You"™ for your next eating adventure.


 Some details: On two versions I remove the original oval hole, because when bent and shaped that hole is now located below the bowl and is another spot to clean out after using. 
  A napkin can be used to easily wipe out the small opening between the bowl and handle end, as well as the remainder of your "Mighty Mini Snow Peak SPork™"!   A quick dunk & swish around in the remaining ice of my soft drink beverage helps too.


A "Spork" has always been a bit of a compromised mating of a Spoon to a Fork, but it can be really convenient, useful and efficient to use a portable single utensil to eat with, if done really well. 


The bowl is needed to allow scooping up such things as soups and other heavy liquid containing dishes, but certainly doesn't add to the fork part's functioning.


 The additional changes shown on the RIGHT fork in the first photo simply help the Spork to become more "Fork-like", without compromising the Spoon part's ability to efficiently scoop up liquids,... since the solid bowl part actually holding the liquids has not been reduced.


  Either version will get the job done, since the original Snow Peak Spork shape has proven to be reasonably efficient at both Spoon and Fork functions, but the level tined version edges it out enough to justify the few extra dollars in time expended,  especially for picking up thinly sliced meats and similar items.


  I've been carrying a Prototype of these Key Ring Carry designs for a few months now, and went so far as using each one exclusively during a 30 day period to eat ALL my meals using nothing else. Yep, at home TOO, because eating this way is FUN and,.. well,... a more "intimate" eating experience! :-)  


 The Strangest part is holding a Snow Peak SPork™ made this way doesn't hurt your eating efficiency off of most plates and bowls of reasonable depth, because the bowl extension beyond your grip is about the same as a full length fork!  Even a little deeper bowl needs simply to be tipped a little to get to the lower levels, no big deal.


  Much of the standard full length handle merely transverses the width of your palm, so unless you have to grip a standard spork with your fingertips near the end in order to reach DEEP inside a "Meals Ready to Eat" (MRE) packet you've lost nothing!


My last MRE was eaten over 30 years ago, so it's not a priority consideration for me in choosing which general spork to use. What IS a major consideration is will I have it on me when I need it?


Attached to your Key Ring guarantees you'll always have it with you, and it's great for backpacking, and especially anytime you're eating on-the-go as most of us do daily.  It's really this simple: No Keys,...No Go, NO Problem!  It could be for you too!


 Kids will love using them as well, as it gives them a quality eating
utensil that makes "Fast Food" ...Fun Food!


  Once I had an opportunity to try a self modified version, I realized it opened up and expanded the market reach and potential base of everyday users for this item. Virtually everyone would find this a handy, useful, and enjoyable utensil to use while eating. 


  Oh, attached to a key ring it can be gripped rather effectively if ever called upon to repel an attack!

Snow Peak Customized Key Ring Carry Titanium Spork

  • A few details and thoughts...
      I am pleased with how my prototypes turned out, and am now offering these customized hand formed Titanium Sporks here and on Ebay,.... in hopes that Snow Peak will see the added value and additional market reach of such a utilitarian and compact product design. 
      I certainly don't have the dealer network in place to market these like Snow Peak could, and quite frankly they really need to be in stores where folks can actually handle them, and where I believe they'd almost SELL themselves! 
      In fairness to Snow Peak, I never actually showed them photos of this or even described my ideas in any great detail, I simply couldn't as I was trying to get a very small compensation agreement in place first. 
      But then you can't say "yes" if you blow off any serious inquiry now can you?  One response to three messages is not exactly what I would have expected either, but perhaps they will reconsider at some point. 
      If Snow Peak Co eventually takes up my ideas offered publicly herein and elsewhere, I trust they will do the right thing by me, since the Japanese have a very long history of honor in their culture. :-)
      If they do, making these at the Factory level will bring the pricing down significantly for the masses, because for me it's not fun working for about minimum wage to do this work by hand, to "prime the pump" as it were!  
      Believe me, I was perfectly willing to have them make them in a more efficient factory setting using machine muscle, and I would be compensated just $.25 USD (25 Cents) per unit sold on a wholesale basis. At $15 to $18 retail, I believe they would FLY off the shelves and dealers would have trouble keeping them in stock! 
     Help me to show there is a market for these, and we can get the pricing DOWN together!  Seriously, at age 62 I'm not planning on making thousands of them. :-)  But I have put my money UP front, and so far I've purchased 160 pieces to convert. 

    11-21-23 Update: I'm now age 67 and have had to restock a few times, and Snow Peak STILL has not contacted me! :-(   So I'll continue to make them as long as I'm hanging around! :-)

      Do the math, as that's a serious chunk of change for a little guy,....but that's how much I believe in this "value added" project for Snow Peak! 


    Let them know what you think at the "Contact Us" section, at the bottom of the link below :-) 
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