Offered is ONE "Patent Pending" 12" x 1/2" Diameter Grade 9 Titanium Tube Precision Spitball Shooter! These are designed, hand made, and assembled in the USA by Ti Rod Tactical™. This is a NEW Product (as of 3-5-18)


  The tubing used has a substantial .065" wall thickness, and I have pounded mine with strong Hammer Fist Strikes into more then a few trees to make sure the ends would hold up to it's intended uses. The trees had indents and bruises, the Titanium Tube Stick did NOT!


  This model is designed to be a FUN and precision "Spitball Shooter", ....and is also VERY light at just about 3.4 ounces. This works great in the traditional way, "forming" a paper ball in your mouth for inexpensive ammo and informal competitions,  as they will most often stick to a target hung on an inside wall.


  However,  I am including a starter ammo supply of 50 high precision 0.364" White Polypropylene Balls with each order, which cost me about $6.00 for 50 with shipping factored in, ...but to get that price I had to buy 1000 pieces.


  This Titanium Tubing is also more expensive than my solid rod sticks, so these factors reflect current pricing. If I find folks don't want the White Polypropylene Balls with the order, I can refund $6.00 on any initial orders and may offer the stick without them at a $6.00 price reduction.


  One of the photos shows the company if you wish to order more of the precision ammo. The fit to the tube is just 0.001" smaller than the 0.365" bore diameter! Very little wasted air around the ball when firing, so you maximize your firing efforts and offer the best accuracy due to the uniform shape, weight, and fit to the bore.


  These precision balls will give you the ability to set up a simple practice (catch) outdoor target made of cloth (a worn bath towel or similar works well), with different size holes cut out for varying point values. The smallest holes worth more than easier to hit larger ones. Any miss and the ball is slowed enough to drop down, into an old sheet with lots of "catching" folds to keep the balls from rolling away.


  The balls are reusable after washing in dish detergent with a final water rinse. I use a used water bottle and shake to clean mine. The balls are also available in Black, but the White are more visible, and will be easier to locate any "stray shots"! :-)


  When using the precision Polypropylene Balls, they can really sting on bare skin so please be careful and use sensibly. Eye protection is necessary "if" you decide to do battle with a friend, but informal "Spit Ball" target competition is the main use intended.


  By the way, it's safer to charge your lungs breathing in through your nose, to avoid the possibility of "inhaling" the ball accidentally. Also best to restict use to anyone under 15 or so, unless supervised by an adult.


  This more powerful 12" version is specifically meant to initiate some friendly competition, and when using the precision Polypropylene Balls please be careful as they can really sting on bare skin! Eye protection is also necessary "if" you decide to do battle with a friend, but target competition is my main intended use.


  I added a short rubber section at one end, to act as a more comfortable mouthpiece for extended shooting sessions and target practice.


  If you've looked through my other listings, you'll notice I use the same "Fist-Lock" Grip here, as it also works very well in this application. The next to last photo shows the hand fully extended, and notice there is no "cup" showing where the fingers meet the hand.


  The last photo shows the fingers curled, as they would be when making a fist, and a quite noticable "pocket" is created where the grip fits into quite nicely. This forms a strong mechanical connection to the hand!


  This grip also indexes the hand consistantly to the same spot, which only serves to increase accuracy. By the way, this stick can also be used as a short straw (sucking up soup, stew broth, or a thick milkshake comes to mind :-), and to direct Oxygen (air) into a primitive fire starting amber to get a flame going quicker! You Bush Crafters will appreciate that!


Thanks for your consideration.

Ti Rod Tactical™ 12" x .50" Titanium Precision Spitball Shooter

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