Offered is ONE "Patent Pending" 6" x 1/2" Diameter Grade 9 Titanium Tube Precision Spitball Shooter, ... & Emergency Self Defense Yawara Stick!  (Optional 5-1/2" Length also available)


  These are designed, hand made, and assembled in the USA by Ti Rod Tactical™ ,  and have the same Fist-Lock™ firm grip design as many of my other compact self defense Yawara Sticks.


  This is a NEW Product (as of 3-5-18), and is my first offering using Titanium Tubing, although I have "played" with a prototype for about a year.  The tubing used has a substantial .065" wall thickness, and I have pounded mine with strong Hammer Fist Strikes into more then a few trees to make sure the ends would hold up to it's intended uses. The trees had dents & bruises, the Titanium Tube Stick did NOT! :-)


  This model is designed to be a FUN, compact, and precision "Spitball Shooter", ....with a practical secondary use and FULLY Functional high strength Self Defensive Yawara Stick if ever needed!  It is also VERY light, and as shown in a photo the sample I weighed came in at just 1.8 ounce. 

  I am including 50 high precision 0.364" White Polypropylene Balls with each order, which cost me about $6.00 for 50 with shipping factored in, ...but to get that price I had to buy 1000 pieces.


  The Titanium Tubing is also more expensive than my solid rod sticks, so these factors reflect current pricing.  If I find folks don't want the White Polypropylene Balls with the order, I can refund $6.00 on any initial orders. I may eventually offer the stick without them at a $6.00 price reduction, but let's see how it goes as I think it's a worthwhile boost to accuracy and "terminal balistics"! :-)
  One of the photos shows the company if you wish to order more of the precision ammo. The fit to the tube is 0.001" smaller than the 0.365" bore diameter!  Very little wasted air around the ball when you maximize your firing efforts and offer the best accuracy due to the uniform shape, weight, and fit to the bore. 
 These precision balls will give you the ability to set up a practice (catch) target, as the balls are reusable after washing in dish detergent with a final water rinse. I use a water bottle and shake to clean mine.


  Makes a convenient EDC in a compact 6" length like this (I have an average size hand), and I am able to fully pocket carry mine and it's virtually invisible in my jeans pocket.  Barely noticed if carried in a shirt pocket, if available.  The balls are also available in Black at the supplier, but the White ones are more visible, and will be easier to locate any "stray shots"! :-)

 In it's backup self defense use, this 6" Yawara Stick shooter will collect DNA within the hollow tube area, for help in identifying any attacker, ...and also has a very secure grip! This is something that has often been lacking with the traditional Kubotan style sticks, as they always seem a bit slippery to me. 


  So,.....I offer instead a basic Yawara / Kubotan stick shape, but having a VERY comfortable and secure grip with a high coefficient of friction reinforced rubber central area, that is optimized to the user's hand like no other! 


 The raised reinforced grip fits into that "small pocket" created where your fingers meet the hand once the fingers are curled, as happens naturally when you make a fist. The next to last photo shows the hand with fingers outstretched, and there is no "cup" presented in the hand.  The LAST photo shows the small pocket created once the fingers are bent.


  Much like a Key Way holding a wheel onto an electric motor shaft, this designs forms a "mechanical connection" of the stick to your hand!  It has been well received by knowledgeable Martial Arts practitioners, Law Enforcement Officers, and MANY others as creating an outstanding grip!


Ti Rod Tactical 6" x .50" Titanium Spitball Shooter & Self Defense Yawara Stick!

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