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NOTE: Sorry for the lag in availability, but as of 4-1-24  I have sold the last of the 30 Titanium Stick Blanks I received on 7-1-23. Do to the high cost of the material,  and very long lag time to get an order processed at the mill, I don't expect another order to be available for at least 6 months out to a year, possibly. :-(  Thanks for your patience...


PLEASE leave a note with your order as to what length you need, so as not to delay processing. :-)


Also NOTE: On 4-12-22 I was forced to raise shipping charges. Besides usual shipping charges, USPS is NOW charging an additional $15.00 "Non-Standard Length, Item Over 30 Inches" surcharge!    Sorry, I have no choice...


 My Tactical Walking Sticks are .445" Diameter Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium (Tempered 6AL-4V Alloy), and are as strong as anyone could want or need.   


They are available in this listing in lengths up to 48 inches.  For even longer sticks up to 57-1/2 inches, please see my other "Walking STAFF" Listing.


 For Sizing Considerations, please read my bold type *NOTE on the right side information section.

  Titanium has some unusual properties & the more you stress it, the more resistant to additional stress it becomes. It also has a "deadening" quality to help absorb & lessen vibration reaching the hand, especially appreciated if ever needed in a tactical self defense role.

  I've sold about 650+ Titanium Walking Sticks and longer STAFFS to date.  Everyone has been impressed with the strength & solid feel! (a few were Martial Art Instructors :-) One buyer weighed 425 pounds & was thrilled, and called it "Solid as a rock"! It is.... :-)


As of 6-19-18 this product has been Upgraded! :-)  I have secured a source of machined and hardened "Stainless Steel" Top Caps, for use on my Titanium Walking Sticks here,... and longer Walking Staffs offered in another listing. 128 of these caps cost me almost $700.00, ...but these new caps are well worth it to me,...and YOU!


  They are a little longer also, allowing me to now have a little of the Stainless top to exit the rubber cap. This not only looks really "classy", but is more effective to stop an attack if ever called upon to do so from the handle end. Brushed Stainless Steel also more closely matches the color of Titanium!



NOTE:  On International Orders, Please Contact Me For Correct Shipping Information, as it is substantially more than Domestict (USA) shipping shown at Checkout. (usually $65 to $75 USD)



Stay Safe!

Joe T

Ti Rod Tactical

Titanium .445" Diameter Tactical Walking Stick Up To 48 Inches

  • These Tactical Walking Sticks are made in Super Tough Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium (6AL-4V Tempered Alloy), and are currently in .445" Diameter Rod.  


    *NOTE: They can be made in any walking stick length you'll need to fit properly...., just send a note with your order to let me know how long the stick needs to be IF you know it.  If not, most measure a correct length as follows, BUT please read my bold type *NOTE befow also before deciding on a length:  


    Sizing Considerations:

    "Standing straight upright with no leaning and on a hard surface, and wearing the footwear you plan to use most often,.....measure the distance from the floor to the "fold" in your wrist (the fold can be "seen" when the wrist is temporarily bent).  This should give you a usable length for your height and arm length. Some folks like a little more length and measure to their "second" wrist fold, or about 1/2" longer."   This will properly leave a slight bend in your elbow when using the stick.


       A stick that is "too long" for the user will increase the bend in the elbow, causing unnecessary fatigue if the stick is used for weight support. A "too short" stick will cause the user to have to "lean" to the stick side to make ground contact, which is not comfortable and also increases fatigue.


    *NOTE: If you don't need a walking stick primarily for weight support, I have personally found an extra 4 Inches ADDED length over the length you arrived at in the "Sizing Considerations" directly above, to be useful IF you wish to carry the stick as shown in the last THREE photos.


    It is really comfortable to grip this way, and I now use "4 inches added" to my personal walking stick length. I wholeheartedly recommend you try it too! :-)


      This very comfortable grip is for "Every Day Carry" (EDC) as a gentlemen's Tactical Walking Stick,because your middle finger can nestle in the space just below the top cap with the thumb over the top. The extra length allows this grip to work the best, and you can still use the over the top grip,... but your elbow will be a little more bent.


    This Grade 5 Titanium Alloy is often used in Aerospace applications, where lives could be put at risk using anything less. Titanium also has some noteworthy attributes over other material choices.  An important one is the more it is stressed, the higher any resistance to additional stresses becomes.  It is also well suited to a "tactical" application use because the material has a deadening quality, and any vibrations reaching the hand from performing striking maneuvers are noticeably reduced compared to other commonly used materials.

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