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A versatile design that's efficient as a "Door Knocker" for anyone whose daily work duties requires them to visit many households daily, yet secondarily have immediate access to a defensive tool should an unprovoked attack occur! (A "Pill Crusher" / Acupressure Tool also!)

The baby brother of my other self defense palm sticks, & comes with a "Quick-Deploy" one motion release. It offers an ergonomic & firm grip as part of the "Patent Pending" design!

If needed in it's secondary role as a defensive tool this stick is virtually "locked" within your closed fist as shown in the photos, & worthy of consideration by ALL! It follows you daily to offer one additional self defense option, should you not have anything else with you for any reason or as a backup tool. Walking to & from your vehicle, home, & business parking areas can be less worrisome now.

These are designed and hand crafted in the USA from Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium (6AL-4V Alloy), that will last a lifetime.

Titanium Key Ring Door Knocker & Mini Self Defense Stick

  • NOTE: Because I have every confidence you will love this item, based on immense Positive Feedback of this design from my customers, I offer a....

    1 Year Money Back Guarantee If Not Delighted!  

    NOW you have no reason NOT to try one to see what you've been missing! :-)


      This Key Ring Carry "Door Knocker" is used as a simple and comfortable carry handle most of the time. It's intent is to keep your keys "handy", should you need to quickly get into your vehicle, home, or workplace if the situation warrants it and danger unexpectantly presents itself! :-(


        I carry one daily, along with a few other styles and sizes. Having a "primary"  use as a Key Ring Handle housing an effective Door Knocker, and in a benign looking size, is perfectly reasonable for anyone to be carrying and using this daily.  


       Home Delivery Professionals will surely appreciate the savings on their knuckles, in their day to day task of allerting the home owner of their presence. 


       I use mine ocassionally as an Acupressure Tool, especially helpful to releave a stress headache by placing the bare tip end into the recess at the back of the head and lower neck, holding it there,....and simply leaning back into a chair or couch!


       I used to use my middle and ring finger together previously, and the few minutes it took to maintain continual pressure in order to relieve the headache almost always caused discomfort to my hands. Using this stick eliminates that!


       Also, going to and from your vehicle to get home or to work, often at night or in dark parking garages, it seems to me there is a profound need for everyone to consider this.  If ever the victim of an unprovoked attack, a simple pull of the devise allows use of it's "secondary"  role as a self defense tool that could stop the attack in short order.  


      Something as simple as deploying this stick in a "passive defense" and simply "intercepting" an attackers fist would likely cause severe knuckle bruises, if not a broken knuckle, on the aggressor's hand.  In the end, if needed to actually thow punches to stop a serious attack,....there is something quite disconcerting with a metal rod being jabbed and thrust into your face that could repell the attack without injury occuring to anyone! 


      NOTE:  Another reason to be carrying this daily is that it works very well as a "Pill Crusher" for those of you desiring your medications to be crushed and mixed into water or another liquid. This is known to lessen stomach upsets and other common side effects of taking medications.  I use a small bottle cap as a "mortar" to contain the pill powder created as you use this stick as a "pestle" to grind up the pills, and transfer the powder to the liquid of your choosing for consumption.


      NOTE: All of my Quick-Deploy Carriage connections have just a light film of 100 % pure Silicone Grease applied within the hose connection, which allows for a smooth release.  I  will include a very small ziplock of this grease with the sale, but it is available at most hardware stores in the plumbing section, dive shops, Amazon and elsewhere.   The Trident brand of pure silicone grease on Amazon was my preference, as it is less runny than some hardware store brands. The "screw down" lid on the jars, in their 2 oz size at least, is most appreciated!  Reasonably priced @ about $8.00 for a 2 oz jar (and available in smaller sizes also), it is useful also to lubricate, protect, and somewhat waterproof the ends of flashlights and other devises.


      ALSO,....PLEASE make sure Yawara and Kubotan style sticks are legal to carry in your Country, State, City, or Town before purchasing. Some areas may have restrictions on such things, and I cannot possibly know about every specific law in every area of the world. :-)  Your purchase confirms you have complied with your local laws. Thank You.

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