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  Innovative rendering with it's roots in Yawara style self defense palm sticks, but having a very ergonomic palm cap grip incorporated into the Patent Pending design! Available in FOUR Length Options.... although I would recommend the longest 5-1/2" stick only for men with very large hands.


Please Note: Single stick photos are of the most popular 5" length, but I have included a photo showing a comparison of the most popular lengths. I have carried each of the four lengths and they all function as intended.  


Also, the most popular tip is the smooth domed version and will be the default tip choice,... unless you ask for the flat tip version instead. The last photo shows the two types.


  This design is useful as a Door Knocker for Home Delivery Professionals,  Acupressure Tool, Leather or Wood Burnisher, and even a Medicinal Pill Crusher to ease stomach upset with stronger prescribed medications,... when crushed into a bottlecap and added to a water or juice bottle.


  The "palm swell" cap concept allows a shorter length than usually seen in a defensive stick to be effective, because the rubber cap is braced against the central palm and heal of the hand.  The striking tip is therefore exiting the hand in a useful length, for either forward thrusting or "Ice Pick" style Hammer Fist blows!


 Choice of 4-1/4" , 4-1/2", 5",  or largest 5-1/2" length. This design allows a compact sized defensive stick to appear innocuous and benign,..yet still be efficient for self defense use!  


  The 5" length is the most popular, followed by the 4-1/4" size.  The shorter 4-1/4" length is used by MANY Home Delivery Professionals.  Pizza & Package Delivery workers, and even Process Servers like having a useful Door Knocker with them, that if needed can be a Self Defense Tool in it's secondary roll.  The innocuous and benign shape "ain't gonna raise no alarms", was once pointed out to me. :-) 


  ALSO: These sticks come standard with the fully domed tip, but the last photo compares that with the optional beveled edges and flat tip profile. The flat center option has the horizontal band saw remnents left in place, to act as more effective "DNA" collectors should there ever come a time where evidence needs to be obtained in order to identify an attacter.  IF you want the flatter profile "DNA" collecting tip, just leave a note with your order and I will make the change.

  The raised reinforced rubber hose section offers a firm gripping surface for the fingers, & the comfortably beveled end cap works well as a palm handle for thrusting strikes & a thumb rest for hammer strikes. The end cap allows a more compact length to remain effective. Simple, comfortable, & affordable.

  These are designed and hand crafted in the USA from Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium (6AL-4V Alloy), that will last a lifetime.

Titanium Pocket Carry Palm Cap Stick, .44" Diameter (4 Lengths Available)

  • NOTE: Because I have every confidence you will love this item, based on immense Positive Feedback of this design from my customers (Martial Arts Instructors,  Law Enforcement, Military, & Security Personal included!), I offer a....

    1 Year Money Back Guarantee If Not Delighted!  

    NOW you have no reason NOT to try one to see what you've been missing! :-)


      I usually make this stick in 4-1/4" 4-1/2" , 5" , or 5-1/2" lengths, which offers a useful but still compact length range that will allow for comfortable and discrete pocket carry, yet performs very well due to the palm swell grip on one end.


      The 5" version is a good all around size that can still be carried comfortably in my "optional"  Neck Cord Carriage component should you later decide to buy that item.  ( just $5.00 + $2.40 First Class Mail  shipping, or combine shipping at no additional charge with another item purchased ) 


      The 4-1/2" version really excells for EDC using my "optional" Leather Belt Keeper Carriage components, as it's rarely noticed when sitting down.  The 5" and 5-1/2" length sticks, when used with the Belt Keeper Carriage, sometimes have to be adjusted slightly when sitting if carried in the back,....not a big deal but a buyer should know what to expect. :-)  


      For  pocket carry, the 4-1/4" length is about as benign and innocuous looking self defense stick you will find, and a popular "Door Knocker" model for "Home Delivery Professionals".  (Acupressure and medicinal pill crushing uses also).


      Pizza Delivery Workers, Package Delivery Professionals such as UPS, USPS, FedEx... etc, and even Process Servers will save their knuckles while on the job using this in it's Primary Roll as a "Door Knocker". However, they will have a self defense tool readily available (in it's "Secondary " roll) ,... if ever the victom of an unprovoked attack!


    If you're a ( mostly ) walking Security Guard then the 5-1/2"  version would be my choice using the Belt Keeper Carriage.....BUT I would carry the stick AT THE SIDE, (near a front pocket), to avoid sitting issues.


    The palm swell used  on this version allows plenty of bare tip exposure for forward thrusting strikes, because the cap is centered within the closed fist, with the palm acting as a backstop for the stick.


    Hammer fist strikes ( "ice pick " grip ) are likewise efficient, as the rubber end cap provides a useful thumbrest ,with the reinforced rubber hose grip providing a solid main grip.  The capped end can also offer a slightly reduced striking force when training with a live partner, or for a perceived less serious attack.


    Something as simple as deploying this stick and passively "intercepting" an attackers fist with the bare Titanium tip exiting the bottom of the closed fist, would likely cause severe knuckle bruises,....if not a broken knuckle,....on the aggressor's hand!   The usual Yawara and Kubotan Stick striking targets,.... anywhere that bone is close to the skin or nerve pressure points, ......can also help to stop an attack quickly.  


    Also, I design ALL my defensive sticks to be compact in size precisely so that you would be much more likely to be carrying it with you daily!  A larger , heavier, and  unwieldy Yawara stick that is usually left at home because it is was impossible to carry discretely does you little good  if you should NEED it! 


    My second prime consideration was having a stick that is ergonomic and feels really good in the hand.  You'll just want to train more,....and that's always a good thing.


    Lastly I wanted to offer a stick that will  last a very long time!  Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium (Tempered 6AL-4V Alloy) is the same material Space Engineers entrust lives to,......appropriate I think.


    By the way, if you'd prefer a different length than those offered here, I can do that for you upon request....


    Also, this stick makes a useful  "Pill Crusher"  for those desiring to crush their medications prior to taking them,....commonly done to reduce stomach upset when the powder is then mixed into a liquid and swallowed.....or to speed the medication's absortion rate.


    Note,  I keep one of these sticks ( 5-1/2") in the kitchen, as the rubber end does a nice job to break up the fibers to tenderize the meat. (really!)  The bare tip I've also used to make "Cube Steak"!  Be sure to clean out the shallow grooves in the rubber end so you don't later contaminate the meat on another day. I use a toothbrush and pleanty of soap and water for about 15 seconds).


    ALSO,....PLEASE make sure Yawara and Kubotan style sticks are legal to carry in your Country, State, City, or Town before purchasing. Some areas may have restrictions on such things, and I cannot possibly know about every specific law in every area of the world. :-)  Your purchase confirms you have complied with your local laws. Thank You.

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