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Made in .375" Rod, this 6" model is my lightest weight Titanium Yawara Stick that I make.  I consider it my "Pay it Forward" offering, since I'm working at about minimum wage to produce it at this price.  :-) 


However ... I also find it makes a great advertizing piece for my products, as most times once it's received folks come back for my other offerings made in even thicker Titanium!  So I consider it a "Win-Win" :-)


  It has also been popular with Martial Arts Instructors, who often include the stick's cost as part of their Class Tuition in Women's Self Defense & Rape Prevention Classes.  It's size fits most women's smaller hands really well, and I've been told the women really like finishing out their class(s) with a solid self defense tool to take home and carry everyday.

( Note: Class Instructor discounts apply for purchases of 10 or more pieces at one time, please email for details)


  A compact 6" length, very low profile modern variation of the classic Yawara & Kubotan Self Defense Sticks, with my ergonomic Fist-Lock™ grip incorporated into the Patent Pending design!

  Your Outer Fingers "Mechanically Lock" & Center The Stick Laterally In the Hand - Inner Fingers Add Substantial Grip...Creating Fist-Lock™! The GRIP Is Absolutely Awesome In that "Cupped Pocket" where your Fingers meet the Hand! (Cup your hand and that pocket will "magically" appear :-)


  The next to last photo shows the hand with fingers outstretched, and there is no "cup" presented in the hand. The LAST photo shows the small pocket created once the fingers are bent. Much like a Key Way holding a wheel onto an electric motor shaft, this designs forms a "mechanical connection" of the stick to your hand! It has been well received by knowledgeable Martial Arts practitioners and MANY others as creating an outstanding grip!  Simple, comfortable, and EFFECTIVE!

Designed and hand crafted in the USA from .375" Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium (6AL-4V Alloy), they will last a lifetime.

A versatile & affordable Titanium Stick. Also works well as a "Pill Crusher" and Door Knocker. The last Photo shows this .375" diameter rod offering compared to my heavier .447" (approx. 7/16") diameter rod sticks.

6" x .375" Diameter Titanium Rod Yawara Stick, Lightweight Model

  • NOTE: Because I have every confidence you will love this item, based on immense Positive Feedback of this design from my customers (Martial Arts Instructors,  Law Enforcement, & Military included!), I offer a....

    1 Year Money Back Guarantee If Not Delighted!  

    NOW you have no reason NOT to try one to see what you've been missing! :-)



    5.0 out of 5 stars  Made in the USA Built to Last a Lifetime! !!!


    By william on May 17, 2016  Verified Purchase on Amazon


       " In the 15 years I have worked in one aspect or another in law enforcement, I have bought many impact weapons, from tactical pens to mini mag lights, this is one of the most solid and beautifully hand crafted sticks I have owned. A secondary weapon is essential to carry even if you carry a firearm, because in a close quarters situation, you may need a weapon to ward off your attacker to give you precious seconds to either escape or deploy your firearm. I carry this stick openly in my hand at times and it does not draw any attention, I will carry it when jogging, try doing the same with a knife, that may draw a crowd lol. This stick I have owned for about six months, still looks like it did the first day I received it, very solid and built to last a lifetime. I love the fact, it is made in the USA the quality is impeccable. I would really recommend this stick to anyone that is interested, buy one your life may depend on it. Thanks and stay safe. "


      I believe every Citizen should be carrying "something" with them  everyday to defend themselves against an unprovoked attack. The world truly is not what it once was..... 


    .....and frankly, this model is NOT a great money maker for me ("minimum wage" comes to mind) ,....but it IS my way to "pay it forward" :-)


    Recognizing not everyone may have $25.00 or more available for one of my thicker/heavier and more costly Yawara self defense sticks, I have produced THIS version to be the most cost effective way to give you an opportunity to try one of my Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium rod designs (6AL-4V Alloy),....and get it into YOUR pocket. (and not take much OUT of your pocket in return!  A "Win-Win", as they say...... :-)


    To that end,....I bought a HUGE quantity ( @ $4,400.00 ) of .375" diameter Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium Rod, in order to get a substantial discount on the material to even make it possible at this Super LOW price!


    I finish the ends with a simple slight bevel, and not the more labor intensive dome shape. (any attacker won't know the difference at the receiving end!)  I also invested in an older but well made horizontal band saw using quality "Starrett Intenss Pro-Die" Band Saw Blades, that NOW the cutting and end clean up times are drastically reduced!


    And finally, ......after making hundreds of these up, .....I have gotten MY technique down rather well to save YOU labor time costs!


    ALL decisions were made to make these easily affordable to everyone, because having one available may just save your or a loved one's life!  


     Everyone can now have a quality hand held  Titanium self defense tool available to them, for about the same cost as a modest fast food meal.  (....except this purchase will  last a lifetime! :-)


    SO,.... offered here are HAND MADE in the USA..., Top Grade 5 Titanium (Tempered 6AL-4V alloy) Compact 6" Low Profile Yawara Sticks for just $14.95 !  Shipping via USPS 1st Class Mail is at my cost of just $2.75 additional in the USA. (including bubble mailer cost of $.30)  


    A secure grip is something that has often been lacking with the related Yawara and even more compact Kubotan sticks, they most always seem a bit slippery to me.  I've also never liked the multiple deep cutaway finger grooves often seen with Kubotans in an attempt to add some security to the grip. 


    Kubotan sticks are already rather thin, so to cut material away in an attempt to add "grip" is going in the wrong direction. I think what I present here is much better, as initial testing and VERY Positive Customer Feedback bear that out! I've also not been a  fan of the permanently attached jumble of keys should you ever need to deploy the stick defensively!


    So,.....I offer instead a basic Yawara / Kubotan palm stick shape, but having a VERY comfortable and secure grip with a high coefficient of friction reinforced rubber central area, that is optimized to the user's hand like no other!


    I have found that for most folks the 6 inch length works very well in all striking positions, and are virtually invisible when pocket carried.  This length will also allow wrist lock & pain compliance technigues when gripping the ends with both hands. 

    There is about a 2 inch long center gripping area that allows a firm and comfortable grip for the "average" sized hand. This gives a solid "locked in" GRIP with a great ergonomic "feel" in hand, and in a very compact size for ease and comfort in pocket carry!  You'll end up with a stick that will give you plenty of tip extension on both sides of the hand, yet still be as compact as possible.


    The reason for this 2 inch grip length is simple,.........  As part of the overall ergonomic design,  this length will allow the user to effectively "lock" the stick into their closed fist, with about an inch or so of stick exiting the fist on each end.


    With the inside edge of the first finger wrapped around the rod and butted up against the comfortably tapered top edge of the grip, ....and the inside edge of the forth (pinky) finger wrapped around and butted up against the similarly tapered lower edge of the grip,......the stick is effectively LOCKED in place between both ends of the rubber grip within the closed fist! (as shown in photos 2-5)  


    Also, when used defensively,.... the body's natural reaction is to make an even tighter fist, which serves very well here to "lock" the stick into the fist,.....simple Fist Lock™ at work.


    It's tough to describe how solid and comfortable this feels in several strike positions,.....but I wouldn't have invested so much time and money into this were it not a significant improvement in the "art" of  Yawara and Kubotan sticks.  


    I have been working on this style for some time now, (along with several other defensive stick designs offered in my other listings :-),.... and have recently filed for a US Utility Patent covering the various modes of carriage and methods of construction. 


    I would not have invested "five $ figures" for completing a rather lengthy Patent Filing had I not believed, (in the world we live in today!) .....that EVERYONE should be carrying at least one defensive stick device, if not more!  That does not include an also substantial outlay for material and tool costs used to produce them.



    Also, for lots of reasons it makes sense to consider carrying multiple defensive sticks at various locations upon your person, which is what I most often do. You never know when a single stick might be unreachable should you be wrapped up in a particular way without warning, and having various stick types available will help to counter that possibility.


    NOTE:  Another justifyable reason to be carrying this daily, works very well as a "Pill Crusher" for those of you desiring your medications to be crushed and mixed into water or another liquid. This is known to lessen stomach upsets and other common side effects of taking some of the stronger medications.  I use a small bottle cap as a "mortar" to contain the pill powder created as you use this stick as a "pestle" to grind up the pills, and transfer the powder to the liquid of your choosing for consumption.  Even common asprin will be obsorbed quicker by this step, for speedier headache relief.


    ALSO,....PLEASE make sure Yawara and Kubotan style sticks are legal to carry in your Country, State, City, or Town before purchasing. Some areas may have restrictions on such things, and I cannot possibly know about every specific law in every area of the world. :-)  Your purchase confirms you have complied with your local laws. Thank You.

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