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 Designed and hand crafted in the USA from .442" diameter Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium (6AL-4V Alloy),.., and NOW made in optional .4375" diameter Dupont™ Black Delrin® Acetal 150 Homopolymer!  This is a tougher and stiffer polymer that works extremely well in this application. (see last 4 photos),.... for those on a tight budget.  Just $14.95 plus shipping compared to $29.95 for Titanium,  (Note: the last 2 photos show the "optional" Black DuPont Delrin version without the included tips installed :-)


 They perform well in this multi-use function.   This versatile "Duel Purpose" design functions well as a 6-1/2" Yawara "Training Stick" with both rubber end caps in place, lessen the "hurt" & bruises against your live training partner. This doesn't mean that full power strikes are possible without injuries, ...but will lessen the chance should your intensity or depth of strike be misjudged!


  When the end caps are removed (in seconds), reverts to a full power self defense tool, ....and the compact 5-5/8" length & low profile stick fits comfortably in any pocket.


  A compact modern rendering of the classic Yawara & Kubotan Self Defense Palm Sticks, with an ergonomic & firm Fist-Lock™ grip incorporated into the "Patent Pending" design!

  Your Outer Fingers "Mechanically Lock" & Center The Stick Laterally In the Hand - Inner Fingers Add Substantial Grip...Creating Fist-Lock™! The GRIP Is Absolutely Awesome In that "Cupped Pocket" where your Fingers meet the Hand! (Cup your hand and that pocket will "magically" appear :-) Simple, comfortable, and EFFECTIVE!


NOTE: The original Black Diamond Rubber Caps previously used had been discontinued a few years ago, and I have run out of my original large supply. The current style available is now pictured on this listing.

.44" Titanium (OR Black Delrin 150) Duel Purpose Training Yawara Stick W/ Caps

  •   NOTE: Because I have every confidence you will love this item, based on immense Positive Feedback of this design from my customers, I offer a....

    1 Year Money Back Guarantee If Not Delighted!  

    NOW you have no reason NOT to try one to see what you've been missing! :-)


      I believe every Citizen should be carrying "something" with them  everyday to defend themselves against an unprovoked attack. The world truly is not what it once was.......


      As these are new products, some of you might be wondering if they might be useful to you? A fellow ebayer just bought FOUR of this model in the Black Nylon Version,...AND a single piece as shown here made from Titanium. 


      He gifted the four Nylon pieces to some of his Martial Arts training friends, and this past Wednesday (12-3-15) they worked with them for the first time. He gave me some input as to how the night went and if anyone was hurting! lol I asked his permission to use his feedback from that first night they all used the sticks, and got his OK.... 


    He says: 


    Everyone loves these...Hurts a little here and there...Heard a lot of ohh ouch f... and sh..  Crazy fun making your friends say things they normally wouldn't say. Thank you very much for quality products that do the job and more.....Carry the titanium as my EDC now. 

    Thanks much, Riz"


      This model is designed to be a FULLY Functional Yawara Kubotan Style high strength Titanium defensive stick, that is ALSO a very useful "Training Aid" when used with a live partner.


      The rubber tip caps are reasonably soft, and subdue the force of strikes somewhat to help prevent unintended injuries to your training partner.  This does not mean that full power strikes in training are possible without injuries, but it does help a lot should your practice strikes be misjudged in either depth of strike or intensity!


      The tips can be pulled and twisted off in just a few seconds on each end, once the friction and vacuum forces are overcome. (you'll actually hear a "pot" when a tip is freed :-)   I often EDC pocket carry this stick with with just ONE cap in place,....allowing me an instant OPTION of Strike Intensity based on the level of threat against you.


      With the tips removed, you can carry the stick at "full strike strength", and at the shorter 5-5/8" length and lighter weight in a pocket or purse.


      I prefer my personal training stick in this compact 5-5/8"  length (I have an average man's size hand), which works out to about 6-1/2" in length with both caps in place. Even then, I am able to fully pocket carry mine and it's virtually invisible in my jeans pocket.  (But of course the stick is much slimmer for discrete pocket carry with the tips removed :-)


      A secure grip is something that has often been lacking with the related Yawara and even more compact Kubotan sticks, they most always seem a bit slippery to me.  I've also never liked the multiple deep cutaway finger grooves often seen with Kubotans in an attempt to add some security to the grip. 


      Kubotan sticks are already rather thin, so to cut material away in an attempt to add "grip" is going in the wrong direction. I think what I present here is much better, and initial testing bear that out.  I've also not been a  fan of the permanently attached jumble of keys should you ever need to deploy the stick defensively!


      So,.....I offer instead a basic Yawara / Kubotan palm stick shape, but having a VERY comfortable and secure grip with a high coefficient of friction reinforced rubber central area, that is optimized to the user's hand like no other!


      I make most of these up in a compact 5-1/2" length that will fit most folks well, and with a central gripping area of approximately 2 inches long that allows a firm and comfortable grip for the "average" sized hand.  


      However, if your hand is exceptionally small or large, let me know and I can custom fit this stick to your hand.  I can optimize the stick & grip length that will lock the stick within your closed fist and give an ergonomic fit and feel that simply feels great!  Hopefully you'll want to get more training time in,.....and that's always beneficial. :-)


     The 1st photo shows a central grip length of about 2 inches,  which is my personal stick grip preference. The 2" length central grip length gives a solid "locked in" GRIP with a great "feel" in hand.


      As part of the overall ergonomic design, this 2 inch grip length will allow the user to effectively "lock" the stick into their closed fist, with about an inch or so of stick exiting the fist on each end. This gives a very solid GRIP with a great ergonomic "feel" in hand, and in a compact size for ease and comfort in pocket carry!  



      With the inside edge of the first finger wrapped around the rod and butted up against the comfortably tapered top edge of the grip, ....and the inside edge of the forth (pinky) finger wrapped around and butted up against the similarly tapered lower edge of the grip,......the stick is effectively LOCKED in place between both ends of the rubber grip within the closed fist! (as shown in photos 2-5)


      It's tough to describe how solid and comfortable this feels in several strike positions,.....but I wouldn't have invested so much time and money into this were it not a significant improvement in the "art" of  Yawara and Kubotan sticks.


      I've been working on this style for some time now, (along with several other defensive stick designs offered in my other listings :-),.... and have recently filed for a US Utility Patent covering the various modes of carriage and methods of construction. 


      I would not have invested those substantial funds for completing a rather lengthy US Patent Filing had I not believed, (in the world we live in today!) .....that EVERYONE should be carrying at least ONE defensive stick device, if not more! 


      For most folks, these sticks when sized  to 5-1/2" length (without tips) work out well and are virtually invisible when pocket carried.  When used defensively, the body's natural reaction is to make an even tighter fist, which serves very well here to "lock" the stick into the fist,....simple Fist Lock™ at work.


      Also, for lots of reasons it makes sense to consider carrying multiple defensive sticks at various locations upon your person, which is what I most often do. You never know when a single stick might be unreachable should you be wrapped up in a particular way without warning, and having various stick types available will help to counter that possibility.


      (Side NOTE: After cleaning the tip(s), I have also regularly BEAT a tough cut of BEEF into submission with this acting as an effective tenderizer!  Using the wider rubber tip end and pounding thoroughly over a solid cutting board, you get a little workout with hammer fist strikes ,...and a tender steak reward later. You can even use the bare titanium tip end, .......if you want "cube steak"! Who says a workout can't be rewarding :-)


      ALSO,....PLEASE make sure Yawara and Kubotan style sticks are legal to carry in your Country, State, City, or Town before purchasing. Some areas may have restrictions on such things, and I cannot possibly know about every specific law in every area of the world. :-)  Your purchase confirms you have complied with your local laws. Thank You.

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